Taika Waititi Talks About The Comedic Tone Of Thor: Ragnarok

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Taika Waititi is one of the best comedy directors around and he will be releasing Thor: Ragnarok very soon.

The director describes his new film as unlike any other Thor movie released to date. The film will follow the same type of winning formula Marvel has been doing for the past several years.

ComicBook.com had a chance to speak with Waititi recently at the San Diego Comic Con event and he described the tone of the film.

It sounds like the movie is similar to the first Guardians of the Galaxy as it has a great cast partaking on an adventure. You can read his comments down below.

It's fun. I wanted to make an adventure that people could leave the cinema feeling uplifted and feeling like they've been on an adventure, it's been fun, and just being entertained. You look at the cast and they're all beautiful, they're all talented, they're all funny... I couldn't have been luckier with that cast

He went on to also praise Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor.

He says that Hemsworth is one of the funniest people he has met and he wanted to show the audience the actor's more comedic side.

He says his version of Thor is the most fun one released to date and people are going to love both the character and the movie itself.

Many people were disappointed with the way Thor: The Dark World turned out so it sounds like this movie will be a more enjoyable ride.

Comedy and action is the style of film that Marvel has been doing for years and it has worked for them so far.

However, things are about to get a little bit more serious with Avengers: Infinity War out next year.

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