Howard Stern Re-Signs With SiriusXM For 5 Years Ft. Video-Streaming

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Don't worry Stern Show fans, Howard Stern said that he will be re-signing with SiriusXM for 5 years along with the surprise announcement of a video-streaming component allowing fans added access to a new medium.

After teasing fans yesterday by telling them he was unsure of his future with SiriusXM and was leaving all of the decisions up to his agent, Stern revealed that he and SiriusXM will be spending another 5 years together for the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show.

To many it's not a shock at all as he tends to let these types of decisions linger until the last moment.

"This deal that I have with Sirius, that we have, enables us to move really into the future," Stern told listeners during his last of two shows for the season, "not only to continue to bring you radio for the next 5 years but there is also an excitement about an app we'll be developing that will include video streaming of the show.

Our fans will be able to get our complete archives of the show."

"You'll be able to, on-demand, get everything you want audio and video wise and then some. When I tell you what it's gonna be you're going to be very excited about it."

Stern said that he will also be announcing more details about the contract and the new add-ons that will be available to all of his listeners. So no, he did not move to another network and won't be doing his own show on HBO. The announcement comes after many callers wanted a decision from Stern yesterday but he wasn't quite ready to give up the information.

"As a broadcaster, it does not get better than working at SiriusXM and I'm truly excited for the future with this great company," said Stern, according to the full statement issued on the Stern Show Homepage.

"I happen to think that its best days are ahead.

So, if you are not listening to SiriusXM and The Howard Stern Show, then you are really more like a zombie, a rotting corpse monster, living half a life, deadened and blackened inside.

It's as if you were still watching black and white television while shopping in actual stores on your way to the post office to fax a memo."

You can read the entire announcement here and listen to the audio of it below.

Howard Announcing His New Contract and Video-Streaming App

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