'90 Day Fiance' Season 4 Finale Recap: Do Anfisa and Jorge End Up Together?

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Tonight was the finale episode of 90 Day Fiance season 4, which means we got to see who wound up together and who broke up. Read on to find out more.

Anfisa and Jorge

It's a big day for Jorge and Anfisa -- they're going to have a legal court wedding.

Jorge decided not to tell his sisters that he's going ahead with a legal ceremony. Anfisa feels it will be useful to get legally married since then they can start the green card process.

In the car ride over, Anfisa is irritable. She tells Jorge to stop making clucking noises then chides him for not taking the nice car.

Anfisa continues to taunt Jorge with the possibility of her still leaving. Anfisa also questions whether Jorge has any doubts about the wedding. Jorge says no.

The couple makes it to the courthouse, and they are married by a justice of the peace. Anfisa actually cries at the legal proceeding.

After the legal wedding, Anfisa is excited to plan her "big" wedding. Anfisa says she doesn't care what happens in 5 years -- as long as Jorge is bringing in money.

Matt and Alla

It's the big wedding day for Matt and Alla too.

Alla talks about her excitement about the wedding day, and she begins to cry when her sister Iryna tells her she's beautiful.

Patrick (Matt's friend) arrives for the wedding and says that he "does what he wants." He suggests that he may still object to the wedding, despite Matt's plea that he refrain from doing this.

Matt is ready to receive Alla at the altar. Alla walks down the aisle toward Matt and cries as she walks.

At the crucial moment, Patrick remains quiet since he's touched that Alla cries. Matt notes that he hopes this wedding will be his last.

Narkiya and Lowo

Narkiya is upset about Lowo's lies. Once again she feels duped by him. Lowo himself expresses regret about his actions.

Narkiya notes that though she still loves Lowo, she's tired of his lies. When they meet up again to talk, Narkiya expresses her difficulty trusting Lowo.

She feels that she can only give Lowo so much. She tells him that she can't imagine him coming to the States with her.

Back in the US, Narkiya says that she hasn't talked to Lowo again. She sits down with her son and tells him about the update in her relationship with Lowo.

Malcolm, Narkiya's son, is disappointed about the breakup. The episode ends without anything being resolved with these two -- but we know what happens.

Nicole and Azan

Nicole is upset that her family doesn't believe in her relationship with Azan. She and Azan talk on the phone about the development in the proceedings around the K1 visa.

At first, Azan seems as if he's in doubt. But Nicole feels jubilant when Azan validates their relationship and tells Nicole he loves her.

Tell All With Shaun Robinson

Things start out with quite a bit of drama when Anfisa reveals that Jorge has been broke, which caused a significant disruption in their arrival to the show.

Jorge and Anfisa then begin to bicker about what caused the delay in their arrival.

Shaun (the host) asks everyone what they think of Anfisa and Jorge's relationship. Matt and Alla play it safe with their remarks. Alla calls them "young."

In another stange development, we learn that Anfisa and Jorge sent the producers pictures of their broken phones -- which they broke during a fight.

Jorge says he has to replace a lot of devices that Anfisa breaks when she gets mad. Jorge and Anfisa continue to argue, with Jorge telling Anfisa angrily, "Do you provide anything."

Shaun then turns to Chantel and asks her why she's whispering into Pedro's ear; Chantel clarifies that she's translating for Pedro.

Jorge talks about his expectations of the marriage with Anfisa and how he reached a "tipping point" of doubts. Jorge talks about how he attracted Anfisa by bragging about money.

Anfisa interjects that Jorge once told he spent $10,000 at a strip club in one night. Jorge says that when he's been flush with money, he's spent it because he's "young."

Shaun again asks Chantel to comment on whether Anfisa and Jorge are a good match, given how he was advertising himself on social media. Chantel says that it makes sense Jorge attracted the person he did.

Shaun then brings the conversation around to family and friends, and their opinions of the relationships.

Matt and Alla comment that it's natural that Matt's family would be skeptical of his relationship. Azan says the same of Nicole's family's skepticism. Jorge and Anfisa squabble about his sisters' opinions of Anfisa. Anfisa calls Jorge's sister a "bitch."

In the next segment, Shaun asks everyone if the international partners just wanted a green card.

Everyone (of course) answers "no," though Pedro appears confused by the question and his own response. During this discussion, Pedro reveals that a lot of his friends assumed he was after a green card.

We then return to Jorge and Anfisa. Jorge fields questions about Anfisa's erasing his phone.

It turns out it happened several times.

Things come to a head when everyone questions whether Anfisa is only in the relationship for the money.

Jorge admits that he has thought about leaving Anfisa and reveals that she says she'll leave him when she gets her green card.

Chantel reflects on keeping her marriage to Pedro a secret from her family. Chantel also reviews the footage of her dancing with other men at the club she and Pedro visited. Chantel admits she made a mistake by disrespecting Pedro.

Shaun then begins talking to Nicole, Azan, and Nicole's mother alone. Nicole talks about the experience of learning more about Islam and Azan's reluctance to hold her in public.

Nicole's mother discusses her concerns about the relationship with Azan, though she says that it's growing on her.

Azan says he was expecting Nicole to be more athletic. Azan says that he is attracted to Nicole but wants her to be healthier.

Shaun then asks Nicole's mother whether she is still dead-set on not helping Nicole bring Azan to the US. Nicole's mother says that she won't help Nicole, because she doesn't think Azan loves Nicole.

All of the other couples return, and Shaun asks the other couples to comment on Nicole's relationship.

Jorge speaks up: he says that after a while, you start to realize what the person is like when the true colors come out.

The conversation turns back to Pedro and Chantel. Pedro says that his relationship with Chantel's family still doesn't like him.

Alla is put in the hot seat next, and she says that now she does love Matt, and she's very happy about how Matt cares for her and does things for her.

After a commercial break, the clip of Jorge and Anfisa looking at rings is played. Jorge admits that he never bought a ring for Anfisa, which isn't surprising if you read our article. He says while buying the ring he had second thoughts, because they got into an argument.

At that point, Jorge drove Anfisa to the airport. He claims that he gave Anfisa $5000 to fly home, but Anfisa says that he didn't. The two start arguing about that incident.

Shaun then plays the clip of Anfisa keying Jorge's car, and she asks Anfisa if she regrets doing that. She says no, but stops talking. There's an awkward silence.

She says she has her reasons. She starts complaining that the show portrays her as a bitch and that's unfair. She then gets up and walks out, and Jorge follows. Everyone is stunned.

The couples start talking about how hard it is to deal with social media. Chantel starts to cry about it, but Pedro consoles her. Nicole says that she received comments calling her a "pig" and a "heffer."

Anfisa and Jorge return, and Anfisa says that she's mad because Jorge is speaking badly of her.

Jorge apologizes to her, and Anfisa says she does love Jorge.

We see a clip of Anfisa and Jorge's wedding, and Jorge says "It wasn't how I imagined it would be." He says he's still trying to give Anfisa a big wedding.

The episode ends with Jorge saying he wouldn't change anything, athough he says Anfisa doesn't try to get along with his family. But they're still together when the show ends. What happens next? Check out here.

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