Even More 'EU' Characters Will Now Become Star Wars Canon In Various Media

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When Disney purchased Star Wars back in 2012, many fans were disappointed that the 'Extended Universe/EU' characters and storylines were no longer going to be official canon thanks to the development of a new sequel trilogy.

The EU was branded as 'Star Wars Legends' and it seemed as if all of the decades of unofficial Star Wars storylines and characters were going to be forgotten forever.

However, it seems as if Lucasfilm is interested in borrowing some more characters from the EU.

Lucasfilm Story Group's Leland Chee posted on Twitter that some big announcements are expected to be happening soon. You can read his blockbuster message posted down below.

You wouldn't believe some of the Legends characters that will be cropping up in various media in the coming months. Hey, if Tag & Bink can show up, ANYthing is possible.

So far, Admiral Thrawne was the only Legends character that was taken from the extended universe and put into official canon. The character can be seen in the Star Wars Rebels animated TV show.

Arguably the most popular 'Star Wars Legends' character of all time is Mara Jade.

Mara Jade was the wife of Luke Skywalker, although it might be impossible to re-introduce her now thanks to the events that occurred in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Another extended universe favorite is Darth Revan from the Knights of the Old Republic video game.

He's one of the more popular baddies from the extended universe and it will be cool if he ever shows up or is mentioned in the official Star Wars timeline.

Star Wars is going to be even bigger once Rian Johnson directs and writes the new trilogy. This new trilogy will be different taking place in a different galaxy and straying away from the Skywalker saga.

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