Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian Plays Poker With Kevin Hart

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Well Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian continues to show off his group of friends and celebrity acquaintances. This time, Bilzerian takes a selfie while playing some poker with Kevin Hart.

"This @kevinhart4real is so f*cking bad at poker, a guy bets into him on the river, Kevin has quads and he doesn't raise the guy," said Bilzerian in the caption of his Instagram post.

"He forgot there was only 5 cards #toorichtocare"

Interestingly enough Hart's home was just burglarized for about $500,000 in stuff.

So, the fact that he could be playing a high stakes game of poker with some of the best players out there shows that Hart isn't hurting too much after the break in.

Hart has been making his press rounds for his film Central Intelligence and took part in a rap battle with James Corden.

Bilzerian only surrounds himself with ballers as we can tell from his $650,000 Electric Zoo New York VIP extravaganza and $1.2 million cycling bet. It's just another regular day in the world of Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian.

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