Watch 11 Year Old Taylor Hatala's Epic Dance to 'Anaconda'

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11 year old Taylor Hatala (her Twitter) has a number of dance videos online, but the recent video of her and Laurence Kaiwai is absolutely epic.

With Nicki Manaj's 'Anaconda' playing, young Taylor goes hard and does a dance worthy of any professional.

Surprisingly, this is Taylors first viral hit, as a video with dancer Ricky Cole is also quite epic. There is some controversy surrounding the video whose subject matter stems from a very raunchy music video from Nicki Minaj. Though most of the feedback is very positive.

The reality is, this middle schooler just beat out anyone with an 'Anaconda' dance video. We can't wait to see what's next from Taylor as it seems she has a vibrant career ahead of her.

Taylor only has 106 followers as of writing this, but odds are that is all about to change. Sites like Ryan Seacrest, SPIN Magazine and others are all showing the video. Welcome to a viral hit Taylor!