'Running Man Challenge' Creators Take on the Billboard Red Carpet For the Ellen Show

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From viral fame to running the red carpet at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, Running Man Challenge creators Kevin and Jeremiah have much to tell Ellen DeGeneres during their return to the Ellen Show.

The last time Running Man Challenge creators Kevin and Jeremiah visited the Ellen Show they met the college basketball players responsible for helping it take off into viral fame.

This time they have returned from their red carpet mission as 2016 Billboard correspondents for the Ellen Show. You won't believe who they were able to meet.

DeGeneres welcomed Kevin and Jeremiah back to the show and they both told her how much they enjoyed being there. They told DeGeneres how much they loved her and how thankful they were for the opportunity.

Kevin was able to meet a childhood crush Ariana Grande while Jeremiah was pretty excited to meet DJ Khaled. They guys had about four million people watching during an Instagram session and DeGeneres was pretty impressed.

The host rolled some footage of the Running Man Challenge duo on the red carpet.

The guys were starstruck after seeing Britney Spears walk by but they got a few other artists involved.

They kicked off their running man sessions with Fifth Harmony, DNCE, Shawn Mendes, Ludacris who was trying to be the manager for the guys so they can make money off of the viral craze and DJ Khaled who did a little dance and Snapchatted with the guys.

The guys also paid Five Second Rule with Shawn Mendes and Pete Wentz. Later on the guys tried to stay cool as Rihanna walked by and was also able to meet Meghan Trainor, Idina Menzel and of course Ariana Grande who learned how to do the running man dance.

There were plenty of stars who signed a petition letter of absence for the guys. You can watch Kevin and Jeremiah's running man challenge and coverage of the 2016 Billboard Awards in the video below.

Watch the Running Man Challenge Creators tell Ellen DeGeneres About Their 2016 Billboard Red Carpet Experience