Team USA Does The 'Shmoney Dance' After Winning Gold : Bobby Shmurda Reacts On Instagram

Yesterday Team USA earned the Gold Medal in the FIBA Olympics and upon receiving their trophy and medals the chose to celebrate with Bobby Shmurda's famous 'Shmoney Dance.'

Shmurda was in fact watching the celebration and noticed the celebration dance instantly.

Shmurda grabbed his mobile device and began recording the team.

That recording was then posted to Instagram where he captioned the video, "Ayeeee." He also commented "Aye USA is some hot n*****," referring to the song in which the the 'Shmoney Dance" originate from.

"Tournament MVP Kyrie Irving made all six of his 3-point attempts and scored 26 points," said the Associated Press, "and the U.S. repeated as world champion for the first time by crushing Serbia 129-92 on Sunday in the Basketball World Cup."

Other outstanding performances came from James Harden who also helped the team with 23 points and Stephen Curry throughout the entire tournament.

"After Irving downed a jumper with 4:28 left in the first quarter, the defending World Cup champions never trailed again," said ESPN's Marc Woods.

"And the mission that was laid out when these 12 players arrived at training camp in Las Vegas on July 28 was quickly and forcefully accomplished."