'Little People, Big World' Season 12 Episode 1 Recap: The Shocking Departure of a Family Member

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Tonight was episode 1 of Little People, Big World. We already know that Tori and Zack Roloff have a big announcement ahead - so read on to learn more about what all of the Roloff's have been up to.

As usual, Matt Roloff starts off the family's updates by telling us more about what's been going on with his medical issues.

He has surgery coming up and talks about all of the complications that can arise when little people have surgery.

Amy Roloff talks about the aftermath of being divorced from Matt Roloff. With all of her kids grown up and living their own lives, Amy Roloff needs to figure out her own sense of direction.

Amy talks about the clear role division that she and Matt always had - Amy always took care of the kids and Matt always took care of the farm.

So Amy feels at a loss about how the farm runs. Amy also discusses the medical difficulties Matt now faces.

We also get a chance to see what Zack Roloff and his newlywed Tori Roloff are up to.

Tory discusses how Zach can definitely do things that get on her nerves. Zach feels he has to be there for his dad and is hoping to help out around the farm when his dad has his surgery.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are continuing to live in Bend, Oregon, and still working on their business and enjoying their time being married together.

Back on the farm, Amy meets with Matt to try to go over anything important that she needs to be aware of while Matt is laid up after his surgery.

Amy wishes that she and Matt were more in sync when it comes to running the farm.

Pretty soon, it's time for Matt to take off on his flight for the surgery.

Although every family member volunteered to come with him, Matt's friend Bill and Zach accompany him. In the next scene we see Matt Roloff waking up from his surgery and hear that things went really smoothly without any complications.

Amy is relieved to hear that Matt's surgery went well. To try to make him feel more comfortable, she has a bed that he'd bought that would be more comfortable for him delivered to his home.

The drama really begins in this episode when Amy recounts the story of how Camarino, who's been working on the farm for more than 10 years, got summoned for deportation yet again.

Amy talks about how they tried to get their lawyer involved to see if there's anything that could be done for Camarino.

But she finds out that there isn't anything that can be done and Camarino will have to be deported.

Meanwhile, Zach heads back from LA and hears from Amy that Camarino is going to be deported. Both Amy and Zach are truly distraught.

Zach and Tori welcome home Matt. When Matt gets home, he find out that Camarino is being deported. Matt has a truly tearful parting with Camarino.

Jeremy also comes home to see Matt to check up on him and learns about Camarino's departure. He and Zach work on the farm to try to help given that Matt is laid up.

In the final scene of the premiere, Amy goes to visit Matt and tells him she has news for him that he has to know.

Sounds like we'll have to wait until next week to find out what Amy has to tell him!

To see the details of Zach and Tori Roloff's big announcement, click on the clip below:

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