'Sister Wives' TLC Season 8 Episode 3 Recap: Is Maddie a Bridezilla Yet?

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On tonight's episode of TLC's Sister Wives, Maddie has her bridal shower and the entire family continues to process the possibility that Mykelti might get married just a couple of months later.

Janelle talks about how she felt overwhelmed by the wedding preparations and decided to turn over the prep for the bridal shower to the older girls, who are racing to get everything ready. Maddie herself is busy and overwhelmed with the preparation for her wedding.

Maddie talks about how the process of preparing for her wedding is influenced by having so many mothers - they all have their own set of opinions.

Maddie started out wanting to write her own vows but had so much to do with all of the wedding details that she wound up giving up on this aspect.

Maddie also has a dress fitting and heads to the store with all of her mothers.

Maddie has lost 20lbs since her last fitting and is truly pleased with her appearance in her dress. All of the sister wives are truly proud of her.

The morning of Maddie's bridal shower, strong winds continue to blow and mar the girls' plans for the shower decor. Still, everyone is hopeful that the day will go well. At her shower, Maddie is glowing.

The sister wives, however, are worried about the lingerie gifts that she might get. Still, everyone has a good time when the sister wives are forced to start playing games.

Next, Maddie is forced to accept a number of lingerie gifts, including a camouflage bra and panty set. Maddie admits she was embarrassed by Caleb's gifts.

Meanwhile, Mykelti and Tony pay a visit to her family and Mykelti has a chance to show everyone her ring. The sister wives believe that Mykelti should finish her education and reach for the stars rather than be thinking marriage and babies right off the bat. Janelle tries telling Mykelti that her kids won't even able to attend the wedding.

Mykelti explains her logic - she wants to get married while it's warm outside and consider honeymooning on the beach. The sister wives and Kody hang onto the idea of Mykelti getting married in December.

But suddenly, Mykelti agrees to get married in December on the condition that Kody pays for Mykelti's honeymoon. Kody agrees to this and the dispute reaches a resolution.

Christine and Robin then help out with the planning of an open house for Maddie's wedding. They become giddy while doing a tasting for cookies. Robin discusses her relationship with Christine and the fact that they've grown closer.

When Mykelti brings Tony over to meet the family the sister wives discuss their discomfort with Tony and the need to spend more time with him to get to know him.

Janelle packs up some arts and crafts items that she decides to take over to Maddie's place so that she can help her out with last minute wedding preparations.

Janelle is concerned because Maddie has lost a lot of weight and she's concerned it's due to stress. Maddie and Caleb live in Wyoming.

Janelle discusses the fact that Caleb has been part of their family for a long time. Caleb used to come over their house when he was a kid. Janelle is thrilled to see Maddie together with Caleb.

Maddie tries on her dress again and talks about the need to tape the dress to keep it from falling off, since she's lost weight again.

While they're prepping some decorations for the wedding, Maddie has a meltdown about the fact that Janelle wants to consider going fishing on the morning of the wedding. Maddie feels she should be focused on the wedding.

All of Maddie's siblings have a chance to reunite with her in Wyoming and she proceeds to give them direction on how to assist at the wedding.

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