Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 7 Review: 'Our Father the Hero'

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Life Sentence continues this week and things are not as good as they used to be.

Main character Stella Abbott is still having trouble convincing her husband Wes that she still loves him because she still has some feeling towards a new doctor named Will.

However, this week's biggest story centers around Aiden who is awaiting his trial for selling drugs.

The family wants the Judge to go easy on him, but things are not going to be easy since Aiden really is guilty of selling drugs while he was working in the coffee shop in last week's episode.

A sad thing we notice this week is that Stella is also fired from the coffee shop thanks to her brother's arrest.

This is a bit unfair in my opinion, but the coffee shop did it to avoid getting a bad reputation from the media.

If this was a real life show, I would have told Stella that she could file a lawsuit of her own for wrongful termination since she herself did not know of her brother selling drugs to customers.

In the show though, Stella just gate crashes the shop in hopes of being hired back.

The biggest thing we find out in this week's episode is though is that Aiden and Stella's father Paul Abbott was the anonymous tipster that talked to the cops about Aiden selling drugs.

He wanted to teach Aiden a lesson, but it backfired on him because Aiden could get a full sentence and would have to spend three years in prison if convicted.

In my opinion, what their father did is kind of mean especially if it's your own family member that ratted you out.

Sure selling drugs is a bad thing, but telling the cops anonymously seems cowardly. Mr Abbott should have told his son to stop selling the drugs before pimping to the cops about it.

While Aiden's drug trial is by far one of the best storylines this show has ever done, it ends in an unrealistic note as I feel the Judge went easy on him.

I know this is just a TV show, but I would have liked to have seen something more realistic happen to Aiden at the end of this week's episode.

Speaking of unrealistic events, by the end of the episode Stella gets her job at the coffee shop after all.

Again, I know this is a TV show but in real life something like this would not have been done in a matter of just a few days.

Stella literally got the job back by appearing at the store multiple times.

Anyway aside from Aiden, the only other big story this week saw Stella's husband Wes confronting Dr Will to stop seeing Stella. Will was playing in a band and a love song seemed to have been aimed towards Stella.

Wes being Stella's husband hated that Will was serenading Stella and he wanted to punch him in the alleyway. While Wes' plan backfires on him because he injures his hand by punching the dumpster instead.

This story is still ongoing and it will be interesting to see who Stella ends up being with at the end of the season.

It seems like the show writers want her to be with Will, although I will feel sorry for Wes if he becomes the odd man out.

I preferred last week's episode over this one mainly because it was more exciting.

I also hope that Aiden is still on the show as he's by far my favorite character in Life Sentence so far. Next week the love triangle continues so Stella will have to choose who she really loves!

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