Howard Stern 12/27 Recap: Prank Caller Captain Janks Comes Out As Gay

Thanks to Winter Storm Juno (which barely swept New York City, by the way), The Howard Stern Show started early at 6 a.m., leaving the morning open to talk about Stern regulars, including the sexual preference of Captain Janks.

Captain Janks (@captainjanks) has been a prank phone caller on The Howard Stern show since 1989. He called in to the Stern Show, and came out as a gay man.

He noted there was no reason for him to fake it, and Howard said he doesn't think anyone would want to go that far with a scam.

He chose now to come out because he met someone online. Stern thanked him for the call, and assured him that the Stern studio believes him.

Hey Now Highlights

With most of the Northeast shut down for #Snowmaggeddon, the Stern Show was light on notable highlights.

They chatted about the items in Sal's overnight bag for his stay in the city during the storm, which included normal things like clothes, Q-tips, and concealer make-up.

They also chatted about who's stirring up controversy lately. Howard mentioned Bill Maher wants to stir up controversy surrounding AMERICAN SNIPER, accusing the protagonist of being a psychopath patriot. Stern's opinion was that Bill Maher should blow Chris Kyle's corpse.

The next Howard Stern show will be on Wednesday, January 28 at 7 a.m, and will be featuring J.K. Simmons.