Howard Stern's Thoughts on the 'Bill Cosby Costume'

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This Halloween brought the media a Bill Cosby Costume that landed one man with criticism from rapper Nicki Minaj. Howard Stern weighed in on what he thought about the costume during his SiriusXM radio show.

Minaj posted a photo of the costume and her caption revealed her feelings on the costume. She believes that it was insensitive but didn't go any further on her post.

"Robin said she saw some people wearing Bill Cosby costumes," according to a MarksFriggin recap of the show.

"Howard said there's a great costume of a guy dressed like a woman with Bill Cosby on her back. Howard said he saw it and forwarded it to like 50 people.

He said Natalie Maines sent it to him. Howard said he thought the costume was great. He said he's all for blasting that guy."

Stern was very short with his answer to the costume he thought it was a great costume because he is up for blasting Cosby.

Our generation is so desensitized

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