Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Review/Recap: Goku Masters Ultra Instinct

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Dragon Ball Super episode 128 saw the elimination of Vegeta leaving Goku to be the only person left in Universe 7 that can actively fight Jiren. Episode 129 showcases Goku overcoming the odds and reaching new limits again. 

Before I begin talking about episode 129 though, I want to say that this week's episode still did not tell us about the location of Frieza.

Technically, Frieza has not been eliminated yet even though a large chunk of the battlefield has been destroyed by Jiren and Goku.

I have a feeling Frieza's absence will come into play in next week's episode. There's a chance he might be the overall winner of the Tournament of Power!

Anyway, episode 129 focused more on Goku's efforts using the pre-Ultra Instinct form. Goku has not mastered the form yet, and Jiren is still way too tough to beat. 

Goku actually wanted to eliminate Jiren quickly using a full blast Kamehameha wave the same way he eliminated Kefla. However, Jiren is able to block the attack leaving Goku with not a lot of options left. 

Whis says Goku is still "thinking" before he's fighting which is preventing him from reaching his full potential. Goku needs to let go of his feelings in order to master Ultra Instinct. 

Universe 11's Gods think the fight will soon be over, but Vegeta makes an interesting observation. He says Saiyans have exceeded expectations throughout this entire tournament and Goku will reach a new level. 

From an action standpoint, episode 129 is an awesome episode because Jiren and Goku pretty much destroy the entire arena. Not to mention the special effects of their aura looks pretty cool as well. 

However from a storytelling standpoint, there are flaws because it just seems unrealistic for Goku to reach a new level like this without any prior training or awareness of Ultra Instinct.

It's almost like Akira Toriyama writes Goku like WWE's Roman Reigns where they can overcome all of the odds no matter what is stacked against them.

For Super Saiyan God, Beerus taught Goku how to reach that level. As for Super Saiyan Blue, Goku and Vegeta reached that level while they were training with Whis. 

Here in this episode, Goku manages to master Ultra Instinct automatically while he's in a fist fight with Jiren. It's like he knew instantly about letting go of his feelings in order reach Ultra Instinct's full potential. 

Some people might also be sad to know that Goku does not master Ultra Instinct until the very end of episode 129. The majority of the episode Goku is only in the pre-stage form of Ultra Instinct. 

Goku only manages to master it when Jiren is about to eliminate him while he is standing on a small piece of rubble. Somehow Goku powers up and punches Jiren in the stomach from a long distance. 

I will say that the new master Ultra Instinct from looks really cool mainly because Goku and attack without even moving.

However the fight is far from over because Jiren powers up to his full form and the fight will continue in episode 130.

Anyway as I said before, episode 129 had lots of cool action and special effects, but it was disappointing to see mastered Ultra Instinct was only added in a final few moments.

We'll just have to wait until episode 130 airs to see what the form can really do!

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