The Flash Season 4 Episode 9 Review/Recap: Don't Run

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The Flash Season 4 has been a game of cat and mouse between Barry Allen and The Thinker.

Things get very sticky for Allen since The Thinker kind of reveals his evil plan and why he wants to torment The Flash and his friends.

This week we get two stories in one as Barry is not the only one in trouble in this episode.

Poor old Caitlin Snow is also in trouble as Amunet comes back to kidnap her in order for her to aid a patient that she has also kidnapped.

Speaking of getting kidnapped, The Flash himself is captured by The Thinker and is brought back to his secret base.

Even though The Flash is fast, The Thinker can somehow anticipate his every move and manages to put him in a special jail cell that negates most of his powers.

With The Flash and Caitlin Snow out of commission, it's up to Iris West and the other members of the team to help out.

I still don't understand why they cannot call Wally West on his cellphone when they are in danger. Wally West can easily run really fast and all of their problems will be solved!

Alas, Iris, Cisco, Harry, Joe and Ralph have to save their two friends themselves. The trouble is that Iris as the team leader has to make an important decision. Does she save Caitlin first or go for Barry?

Caitlin has to help out a metahuman named Dominic. Amunet captured Dominic because a certain "buyer" wants him. Dominic is close to dying since he has a piece of shrapnel stuck in his head.

While Amunet isn't looking. Caitlin Snow and Dominic actually get along really well. Caitlin has always been the friendliest person on the show, although sadly she gets branded with a special bracelet that stops her from becoming Killer Frost.

Dominic himself isn't useless because he has telepathic powers. The two come up with a plan to escape Amunet's grasp and that's to fake Dominic's death.

While Dominic is "dying", Caitlin Snow knocks out Amunet and her many henchmen with some type of gas. The pair manage to escape but not for long...

Luckily Iris makes the decision to save Caitlin first because she is confident that Barry is able to save himself.

I agree with this decision since Barry has better powers than Caitlin Snow plus he's the main character so of course he's not going to die!

Anyway, Ralph Dibny saves Caitlin and Dominic from getting killed by Amunet at the nick of time. Cisco on the other hand blasts Amunet away and the rest of them retreat to safety.

As for Barry Allen, he finds a way to break out of The Thinker's prison and the two manage to fight all across the city.

The fight does not last too long as The Thinker flies high up in the air. The Flash survives by landing in the water thanks to his floatation device.

The Thinker on the other hand drops down into the water. The Flash/Barry thinks he may have drowned, but he is not entirely sure.

Things get really interesting during the end of this week's episode because we finally get to know The Thinker's real plan.

I was worried that The Thinker was not going to be a strong villain, but he proved me wrong this week.

Well the original Clifford DeVoe body that The Thinker had was slowly dying.

He plans to steal The Flash's body and powers so he can live a healthy life again. He's unsuccessful in stealing Barry's body, but he manages to take Dominic's one instead!

The trouble is that Dominic has been invited to a Christmas Party at Joe's house and everyone is oblivious to this. The Thinker has a similar power to Dragon Ball Z's Captain Ginyu where he can change bodies with someone.

Barry leaves the party early because he gets a mysterious phone call. In order to not make anyone panic, he decides to take the call back at his own house.

The phone call is made by The Thinker who is now inside Dominic's body. There is nothing Barry can do because The Thinker has framed Barry for a really bad crime.

In Barry's house is the dead body of Clifford DeVoe who has been killed by a knife. The knife has Barry's fingerprints all over it so there's not much he can do.

I think The Thinker killed Dominic who was in Clifford's real body. In either case, the cops are called and Barry has to make a tough decision.

I was screaming at the screen telling Barry to run away and hide all of the evidence.

He could have done it easily without the cops knowing. However, he decides to take the blame for some reason just to make sure he isn't branded as a fugitive.

The episode ends with Barry not resisting arrest from the cops. The real Thinker on the other hand has his new young body and is still roaming free.

The ending was shocking and excited me for the rest of Season 4.

I still think Barry could have easily hid all of the evidence and escaped arrest in a flash. However, I understand the show writers did this to create more drama for the episodes to come.

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