The Flash Season 4 Episode 6 Review/Recap: When Harry Met Harry

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Season 4 of The Flash is still ongoing as the team are still looking for The Thinker.

They don't know who he is yet, but they know someone out there is targeting him. In this week's episode, the team gets further clues on The Thinker's real identity as well as battle a new metahuman.

Season 4 is another episode that is mostly about comedy. It's not bad, but I do miss the balance of the first and second seasons.

Those seasons had a better mix of action, drama and comedy. Season 4 so far has featured too much comedy in my opinion. It's a bit of a hit and miss for me so far.

Anyway, Ralph Dibny is a part of the team and goes for his first heroic mission.

Barry Allen wants to teach him to be an effective hero, but Dibny is still an amateur. He has a long way to go until he knows how to be a proper superhero like Barry is.

The main villain of this episode is a Native American woman by the name of Mina Chayton. She kills people that collects Native American artifacts to be put in museums or personal collections.

She hates how Western people are disrespecting her culture. I have to admit, she has a good motive although the way she is far from a noble person.

The thing that makes Chayton dangerous is because she has the power to bring life to inanimate objects.

The first crime we see her do is bring a tiger statue to life that kills a collector. In another incident, she brings a Knight to life trying to kill another collector.

However, The Flash and Elongated Man come to the man's rescue. Elongated Man now has a lame looking grey costume that looks humorously ridiculous.

The part that is weird is how the show gimps Barry's powers. He stops to help the man from getting killed by the Knight statue, but he fails to chase down Mina Chayton.

In this season so far, it seems as if the show writers have been under estimating Barry's power. Sometimes he's really fast, while other times he cannot chase down normal human beings.

Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man shares my thoughts as he says Barry could have arrested Mina Chayton and saved the man at the same time. However, Barry lectures Dibny saying saving lives is more important.

This lecture comes into fruition once Barry and Dibny encounter Mina Chayton again. Chayton brings to life another inanimate being that beats up Barry. Barry cannot help, so Dibny has to chase down Chayton in her car.

At the same time, a power pole is about to fall and hit a little girl. Dibny fails to listen to Barry and stops Chayton's car first.

Dibny makes a mistake as the power pole falls on the little's girl's leg. He should have listened to Barry's advice.

After that, the episode somewhat gets more serious. Dibny is guilty about making a bad choice, but this scenario is a good learning tool for him.

It will teach him to be a better hero and make better decisions in the future. Chayton is in jail, but not for long. She manages to escape and goes to the museum to get more artifacts.

The episode concludes in a cool visual spectacle because Chayton brings to life a skeleton T-Rex. Dibny saves the life of a security guard protecting him the T-Rex.

The Flash on the other hand easily arrests Chayton. Chayton is then sent to Iron Heights along with the other metahuman criminals.

The side story involved Harrison Wells wanting to find the identity of The Thinker.

He enlists the help of three other Harrison Wells from different Earths. One is like Steve Jobs, the second is a cross between Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Hefner while the last is like Kano from Mortal Kombat.

It was very funny to see Tom Cavanagh act as so many beings of Wells.

Still, I think the scenes went on for too long. I was hoping the duplicate Wells would have been more funny, but to me the humor seemed too forced and awkward.

Anyway, the end of the episode is where things get interesting. They find out that The Thinker is a man named Clifford Devoe.

The team storm into the house, but Devoe doesn't look like an evil mastermind.

He appears with his wife in a wheelchair and looks like a normal human being. Team Flash looks bewildered as they feel they have the wrong guy.

This week's episode was okay, although I'm hoping the season starts to get a little more serious in future episodes. I don't mind humor in The Flash, but this season they have added too much of it.

I prefer a healthy mix like I aforementioned before. If there's one thing good about this season though, The Thinker is a unique villain. He's not a speedster like the villains in the first three seasons.

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