Shooter Jennings Pranks The Angry Grandpa With Live Concert In Livingroom

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In the latest episode of The Angry Grandpa Show, the infamous prank war between Pickleboy and Grandpa continues with an epic appearance from country singer-songwriter, Shooter Jennings.

"Grandpa is a BIG BIG Shooter Jennings fan..

Loves Shooter, loves his father Waylon, his mother Jesse Colter.." Michael Green (aka Pickleboy, aka KidBehindACamera) told Empty Lighthouse.

"And I decided to bring Shooter to Grandpa's house to go "unplugged" and wake him up in the middle of the night and play a show Grandpa isn't invited to."

Grandpa was supposed to attend a Jennings concert in Jacksonville, but unfortunately his van broke down, and he wasn't able to attend.

The following night, Jennings set up in Angry Grandpa's living room with a guitar and a small selection of "concert-goers." When Grandpa was woken up by all the commotion and went to check it out, he was told he was not on the list.

Pickleboy was telling him to go back to bad, but Grandpa refused.

Eventually, Grandpa forced his way through, but was promptly asked to leave his house while Jennings played.

Pickleboy told him he was allowed to go back in when the concert was over, but that didn't stop Grandpa from enough of a commotion to get Jennings to stop playing, and confront him.

"Here's the problem man," Jennings said. "You didn't make it last night, and you know, he invited me to come down and then you're yelling and screaming the whole time while I'm trying to play."

Finally, Pickleboy told Grandpa it was all a joke, and it was a happy ending. Jennings admitted they came to play specifically for him, and Grandpa sat cross-legged on the living room floor for his own private Shooter Jennings concert.

Watch the full video:

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