How DC And WB Can Make Justice League 2 A Better Movie

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The Justice League movie is pretty enjoyable, but it's far from a perfect movie. If DC and Warner Bros want further success, the two will have to make a lot of improvements to ensure Justice League 2 is a smash hit.

Personally, I liked the first Justice League movie although I have to admit there are flaws in the film.

DC and WB are heading into the right direction, but some big things need to change to make their future films much better. Here are just some suggestions for them.

Get a better villain: One of the many things that ruined the first Justice League movie is the main bad guy called Steppenwolf.

Steppenwolf was just a CGI enemy with not a lot of character or charisma. Marvel used to have the same issue, but they have improved thanks to some great casting choices.

The other thing that made Steppenwolf so underwhelming is that he was just a jobber (wrestling term for loser). He did not seem like a huge threat and someone like Superman could easily beat him in his sleep.

Thankfully, it seems Justice League 2 will already have better villains.

The sequel aims to add a team of supervillains with Lex Luthor and Deathstroke already in the team. Not to mention these villains will be better if they cast more recognizable actors.

Improve the CGI: One of the ugliest things about Justice League is its visuals. Visuals are usually something I talk about when reviewing video games, but it's hard to ignore that this movie is not pretty to the eye.

I disliked the red sky that polluted the final battle. I preferred the look in early trailers that showed the final battle at night time. The Flash's CGI effects were great though, although the same cannot be said about Superman.

The CGI mouth on Henry Cavill looked horrible. I understand this was not WB's fault since Cavill was not allowed to shave his facial hair, but still it was a huge distraction.

More interesting story: The cliche bad guy wants to destroy/take over the world storyline has been done to death. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was not a good movie, but at least its story was something different.

This isn't just a DC/WB problem either, even Marvel has made lots of movies with the same storylines.

Captain America: Civil War and 20th Century Fox's Logan were great because the stories were different. Even Spider-Man: Homecoming had a better storyline than lots of other comic book movies.

Since Justice League 2 is going to introduce a group of villains, it's possible the story could be better. It seems as if they are saving Darkseid for the far future instead.

Don't copy Marvel too much: I admit Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was pretty boring, but at least it was trying to be something different.

Justice League on the other hand felt too much like DC and WB were wanting to replicate the first Avengers movie.

I think a balance between a serious tone with a side of humor can work. Captain America: Civil War managed to balance both somber topics as well as add funny stuff from Spider-Man and Ant-Man.

Justice League 2 doesn't have to be too dark and serious, but hopefully it offers something different to the Marvel films. Not every comic book movie needs to be an all-out comedy.

Brings Hans Zimmer back: One of the best things about the DCEU movies is its amazing score. Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had great scores that easily eclipse anything from the MCU.

I understand Hans Zimmer previously said he's "retired" from comic book movies prior to the release of Justice League, but he has since backtracked on that. Getting him back for Justice League 2 could be a big improvement.

Sadly, Junkie XL was the original composer for Justice League but Joss Whedon used Danny Elfman instead. Elfman has created memorable tunes in the past, but his score in Justice League was mostly forgettable.

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