'Timeless' Recap: 'Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde,' Season 1, Episode 9

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The time travelers of NBC's "Timeless" are back. This time they'll be dealing with crime when they run into America's favorite crime couple in "Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde," the ninth episode of the first season.

Rufus, Lucy and Wyatt find themselves in the Depression-era South. The trio end up on the run with the Barrow gang when their only hope at locating Flynn's new target means gaining the trust of Bonnie and Clyde.

But it only lands them in the midst of a crossfire. In the present, Agent Christopher looks into Malcolm.

A couple pull over to try and help a man with engine problems. Only it's a trap. Men with guns shoot up their car, killing them. Lucy is trying to fit into the life that she came back to after the first trip.

Including having a date with her supposed fiancee but she can't fake liking him. He picks up on it. Agent Christopher has been looking into Rittenhouse. Luckily, she hasn't turned anything up.

Wyatt thinks that Lucy should break up with him because she never knew him in the original timeline. In the 30's the trio contemplate informing Agent about Rittenhouse but it could do more harm than good.

Lucy and Wyatt head into the bank in order to locate the key that was stolen in the shooting. Before they can find anything out, Bonnie and Clyde bursts in to hold up the bank.

Lucy spies the key around Bonnie's neck. Outside, the cops arrive and Flynn is with them. Lucy and Wyatt are mistaken for the crime couple when they exit the bank. Lucy convinces Bonnie and Clyde that they're criminals as well. The four of them get away together, leaving Rufus behind.

Wyatt wants to grab the key and run. Lucy thinks they should stay longer. Rufus has been brought in to the police station.

Flynn walks in. They spot each other immediately. Rufus tries to make an escape but Flynn has already directed the detective his way.

Malcom wants to get his hands on the evidence collected from Flynn's wearhouse. Agent Chris gives her permission but tells him it'll take a while. Flynn wants to take a crack at Rufus but the cop won't let him. Bonnie tells the story behind how she got the necklace. Clyde gave it to her as an engagement present.

He couldn't get her a ring cause she's already married. Bonnie asks for Wyatt and Lucy's engagement story.

Wyatt ends up telling them about how he proposed to his wife. In order to sell the story, Wyatt kisses Lucy. A spark flies between them.

Bonnie is writing poems, she's trying to get all her thoughts out. She's had a premonition that they're time on earth is coming to an end. Wyatt finally gets Clyde to open up about where he got the key. He got it from Henry Ford but they don't know what it unlocks.

Lucy recognizes the writing on the key as latin. Malcom tells someone from Rittenhouse about Christopher's interest in them.

Flynn learns that Rufus has been released. He can't go after him, though. The cops are headed to Bonnie and Clyde's hideout.

Wyatt and Lucy are waiting for Bonnie and Clyde to fall asleep so they can snatch the key. Just as they get the chance to snatch the key the guy who rats them out shows up. Rufus shows up to warn them about the cops. Clyde overhears them.

Rufus plays the recording of Henry talking to the cops. Clyde shoots him.

The trio try to get the key but the cops start shooting at the house. In the escape, Clyde is shot and killed. Flynn stops Bonnie from dying at the same moment when he grabs her for the necklace.

The trio returns to the present empty handed. Mason offers his services again. Wyatt explains the kiss away but neither of them are happy with that. Agent Christopher finds Rufus having dinner alone. She starts questioning him about Mason.

She even has a picture of the man from Rittenhouse. Rufus warns and pleads her to stop looking into it. She continues to press and Rufus agrees to tell her all about Rittenhouse.

Flynn uses the key to unlock a clock in a museum. Inside is a scroll. The message inside surprises Flynn.

"Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde," delved into the underlying tension that has been between "Timeless'" Lucy and Wyatt.

Could he be giving up on saving his wife in order to pursue a new love? Keep watching Monday's at 10pm to find out more and be sure to check out extras here.

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