DC's Legends of Tomorrow EP Says Finale Pulls Out All The Stops

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While we still have another month and a half or so to go until the finales on most of the CW series like The Flash and Arrow, DC's Legends of Tomorrow is set to wrap up its third season this coming Monday.

The last episode set up the big showdown between the Legends and Mallus, so we already knew it was going to be a wild finale, but it sounds it's going to be even bigger than we imagined. 

Ahead of the season three finale, Legends of Tomorrow's executive producer Phil Klemmer spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming finale in an interview.

There was plenty of interesting information in the interview, but one that really stood out was the approach they are taking with the finale.

It’s a little inside baseball, but the goal of a finale is to spend all the money. You can’t take it with you. Basically the strategy is, you try to save and save and save and then when it gets to the end, it’s a trip to Vegas where you pull out all the stops.

For us, it is akin to a crossover, where you need to spend millions of dollars on visual effects and guest casts. Not to spend it just frivolously, but for us we wanted to feel like the season was moving towards something.

After already seeing how good Mallus looked last week on a TV budget, there was little doubt that the finale would not be really going all out. However, it is great to actually hear that confirmed like this.

Considering they mention the crossovers as a comparison, and the crossovers for the Arrowverse are some of the most ambitious in all of television, it will be interesting to see what they have cooked up for the finale.

With the team set to travel back to the Old West, which means the return of Jonah Hex for his third season in a row with an appearance, not to mention the return of John Constantine ahead of him becoming a series regular in season four, and hopefully an appearance by Beebo, we can't wait to see the finale this Monday at 8:00 pm ET on the CW.

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