Review: Skyscraper Is Surprisingly Entertaining

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Original action movies are surprisingly a rare breed in Hollywood as the industry is dominated by sequels, franchises and comic book movies.

That said, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is a big enough star to try and kickstart a new franchise as now he has released 'Skyscraper'.

Skyscraper is pretty much like an old school '80s or '90s action film that pays homage to Die Hard and other classics.

Dwayne Johnson plays a character named Will Sawyer who has to save his family who is trapped inside a burning building littered with evil terrorists.

The movie is set in Hong Kong and mostly takes place inside a fictional tower which is the tallest building in the entire world.

While the building itself usually has fancy technology, the terrorists have used Sawyer's likeness to hack the tower to make it unsafe for anyone inside.

When the terrorists takeover the building, Sawyer has to find his way inside and find out which floor his family is in. Sure the movie sounds pretty cliche, but it's actually entertaining once the pace kicks in.

I will say that Skyscraper does feel slow and boring at the beginning because it focuses on Sawyer's personal life.

The movie gets better though once the terrorists come in and make life miserable for the Sawyer family. The amount of fires and explosions this movie has will impress even Michael Bay!

Once The Rock turns into an action hero, the pace never slows down and you are there with his character the whole time.

It's surprisingly entertaining and tense watching this film because The Rock's character is faced with adversity in almost every scene he's in.

Life is not easy for his family either because they are trapped inside a high building without any pathways to safety.

While The Rock's wife is played by Neve Campbell, she's more than just a damsel in distress because she's pretty helpful too.

It's also pretty cool watching Neve Campbell in a big movie again as I have not seen her in anything big since the '90s!

The only type of people that will not like this movie are those that have seen a lot of action movies in the past.

I have to admit that Skyscraper is very predictable and cliche for the most part, but it's still fun to watch and people of all ages and demographics should like the majority of this movie.

Anyway, Skyscraper may not be as good as Die Hard, but it does enough to be a fun action movie.

Fans of The Rock will love it and I'm sure most people will enjoy this movie due to all of the explosions.

Verdict: 3/5 stars

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