The Spouse House TLC Episode 1 Recap and Review

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Tonight was the first episode of TLC's The Spouse House. The premise of the show is that a bunch of men and women move into a house, where they must find love and get married -- or get sent home.

The show has some random psychologists/life coaches who supposedly picked several singles based on a psychological profile. Here are the singles -- they're all from Chicago:

Ashley Lauren - A "creator" and entrepreneur, who wants to be a "power couple."

Tom - He is a sales manager who wants to be in politics and "rule Chicago."

Kelli Jo - A traditional woman who is a flight attendant.

Missy - She is a "Doctor of Sports Medicine" -- it's unclear if she's a real physician.

Jimmy - A firefighter

Tonyya - A probation officer, whose first love was murdered.

Chris - An adolescent therapist, who loves dogs and wants to find the woman of his dreams.

Ashley P - Marketing executive

Yesnaya - Physical therapy assistant, who became a mom at 19.

Brianne - Waitress, both of her parents died when she was young.

Danny - Personal trainer.

Darren - Locomotive engineer

Jonathan - Real estate agent

The premise is that if on any episode nobody gets engaged, then someone is voted out of the house. Every guy is given a small ring, and they move into the house.

The Spouse House Day 1

Kelli Jo immediately realizes that she was ghosted by by one of the guys in the house 10 years ago.

Meanwhile, Tom seems like a huge douche, clearly thinking he's super important and good looking. He immediately meets up with Ashley, and they talk about being part of a power couple ruling Chicago.

Yesnaya starts talking to Danny, who is not interested in being with a single mother.

Darren says women think he's cocky or a player. He stars talking to Tonyya, who tells him she wants to get pregnant "right now."

Kelli Jo and Jimmy start talking, and they both have been engaged in the past. Kelli Jo says she's been cheated on a lot.

Jimmy got married, and his wife cheated on him with her boss. Next, Kelli Jo goes and confronts Tom for ghosting him. She calls him a douche, yet she's interested in him anyway.

The Spouse House Day 2

Missy and Jimmy start flirting; Missy says she's "it's hard not to keep my pants on" with him. Jimmy thinks Missy is bossy; she says she's never been in a relationship.

Kelli Jo and Tom play basketball. She thinks meeting him again is fate. But Tom is still evaluating his choices. Brianne and Chris have a picnic. Chris explains that he cries during movies and commercials.

The drama starts with Missy; everyone is already starting to dislike her.

Chris and Tom start to compete over Ashley Lauren, but Chris walks out when she refuses to pick him immediately. Ashley is interested in Tom.

Chris tries to hook up with Brianne before the engagement ceremony.

The Spouse House Engagement

At the final meeting before the engagement ceremony, Chris disses Yesnaya, saying that she wouldn't have had a kid if she had met Chris 9 years ago. Meanwhile, Missy is telling every guy to hook up with her.

Chris starts to propose to Brianna, but Missy cuts in to tell him that she wants him.

We don't find out whether anyone gets engaged at the end of the episode.

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