Explosive 'Teen Mom OG' Finale Packs Drugs, Cheating and Fights Into Finale

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Tonight was the first installment of the Teen Mom OG Finale featuring Dr.

Drew giving each if the teen moms a chance to reflect on the drama of the most recent season.

But boy, did this episode produce its own level of drama! Not only did Amber explode, but Maci also managed to get in on the drama by making MacKenzie stalk off stage in anger and of course, Amber's marriage to Matt and Ryan's recent entry into drug treatment were major scene stealers.

The episode kicked off of with Dr. Drew announcing that Farrah would not be joining the rest of the teen moms on stage and giving the moms a chance to react.

Amber pointed out that Farrah is afraid to face her fears but also thinks she's better than everyone else, as evidenced by what she's said in the popular media.

Maci pointed out that Farrah has had every opportunity to be friends with them but always turns them down.

Next, Dr. Drew dug deep into Amber's relationship with Matt, who called in to the show.

Amber made clear that a major sore point in her relationship with Matt was his erratic financial habits.

For instance, Matt has had a tendency to withdraw large sums of cash from their joint account.

Amber gave a sum of $30,000 as an example of an amount of money that Matt withdrew before going to Vegas and when he returned he deposited a much smaller amount.

Dr. Drew started to think Matt had a gambling problem, which both Amber and Matt denied.

Although Matt insisted that he received a $30,000 check from MTV, Amber flatly denied it.

Still, there was an even larger sum that bothered Amber - an amount of $120,000 that Matt could not offer an explanation about.

Shockingly, Amber revealed that she was still living with Matt in their home although she and Matt are no longer together.

For the most part, Matt responded to Amber's accusations by asking why she was so angry.

At one point, he attempted to sweet talk Amber which actually worked. Despite the replay of scenes showing Matt's attempts to cheat on Amber, Dr.

Drew revealed that Amber actually wants to work things out with Matt in therapy. Wow. That's going to take A LOT of therapy.

Shockingly, Maci's segment produced even more drama. According to Teenmomjunkies, Ryan was the topic du jour. On being questioned by Dr.

Drew, Maci revealed that Ryan had come to her in the past about his issues with drug abuse. Maci had actually helped him to get treatment, but on this season of Teen Mom OG, he'd relapsed.

Dr. Drew noted that the pivotal scene in which Ryan is nodding off while driving in the car with MacKenzie to their wedding is reflective of possible opiate usage.

Dr. Drew also made a point to articulate a disclaimer indicating that MTV had not known Ryan was under the influence when the scene was filmed.

Maci noted that she had not only helped Ryan get treatment in the past but had also gone to Jen with her concerns about Ryan but had been shut down.

Despite this revelation, MacKenzie came on the show to read out loud an "open letter" to Maci..

In it, she accused Maci of hiding Ryan's addiction when she'd known about it much longer than anyone else in the family in order to exploit it on TV. When Maci refused to dignify MacKenzie's accusation with a response, MacKenzie actually stalked off stage in an angry fit.

She was coaxed, however, into returning at which point, Maci pointed out that only Ryan was responsible for his drug abuse and there was absolutely no way she would let MacKenzie make her take responsibility.

Hmm. Something tells us that MacKenzie and Ryan's family are desperate to take the heat off of themselves and want to point fingers at Maci for a reason.

Stay tuned for the next installment next week.

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