Will The James Bond 25 Release Date Need To Be Changed?

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With news that former James Bond 25 director, Danny Boyle, walking away from the project due to creative differences, there is some concerns that the release date will need to be changed.

It sounds like the movie will not be released in late 2019 as initially planned.

According to a report from The Telegraph, it looks like the producers and Daniel Craig himself were not happy with the entire script.

The movie reportedly focused on an evil Russian bad guy and was supposed to be a modern version of the 'Cold War'.

Not only were they not happy with the original script, but Danny Boyle wanted a Polish actor by the name of Tomasz Kot to play the role of the Russian bad guy.

Both the producers and Daniel Craig weren't happy with Tomasz Kot as the main bad guy so Danny Boyle decided to walk away.

Another reason the producers were not happy with the film is because Danny Boyle brought in his own writing team to work on the movie.

This meant writers Neal Purvis & Robert Wade's script was not going to be used even though they have pretty much written most of the recent James Bond movies in the past.

Fueling the speculation is a report from Variety saying that James Bond 25 is back to the drawing board. Not to mention the movie will need a new director and a new writer to start from scratch.

All this news sounds like James Bond 25 will not be released in late 2019 and the movie could get delayed until 2020.

The long gap between James Bond movies is disappointing, but sometimes this is how things turn out when everyone does not agree with one another.

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