The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur Almost Comes to Blows with Alex Jones

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It's the third night of the Republican National Convention and the last thing you'd expect is a brawl between newscasters. But that's what happened during The Young Turks live show at the convention.

Cenk Uygur, a former MSNBC host, and Alex Jones, creator of almost came to blows earlier today as Uygur was broadcasting.

The situation began when Jones interrupted Uygur and his co-hosts during a live stream. Roger Stone, a Republican political consultant and Donald Trump surrogate, became involved, and things quickly escalated to yelling. Uygur and Jones then approached each other and began to swear, causing a mob to form around the two.

Caught up in the mob were several camerapeople and stagehands. Crew members quickly got involved and tried to restrain the two hosts; however, the screaming continued, and other online personalities got involved.

Additional security soon arrived, and the two hosts were separated -- but not before dozens of onlookers took pictures and videos.

The video of the event was quickly posted on Twitter.

Photo credit: Flickr user tytvault

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