More The Mandalorian Products Announced For Mando Mondays

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It's another Monday today which means more products from The Mandalorian TV show have been announced. Today's big announcement is three new toys being released as part of the Black Series line.

Heaps of characters from The Mandalorian already have toys, but we can finally complete our collections as newer characters have now been made.

As announced on, the first Black Series announcement for today is that you can get a 6 inch figure of the character Kuiil. This character appeared in the first season of the show.

Another major character that is finally coming to the Black Series line is Greef Karga.

This version of the toy is based on his appearance from the first season as he still has black facial hair. In season 2, he will have white facial hair.

Lastly, the main villain named Moff Gideon is here. The cool thing about the Moff Gideon toy is that he comes with the cool looking Darksaber!

All of the Black Series toys are non-exclusive meaning you can buy them at many retailers. In the United States, the toys have a RRP of $19.99. The toys should be available already to pre-order now for an early 2021 release.

Other announcements include that you can buy a Baby Yoda pajamas and slipper set. There is also a new Baby Yoda plush that is 24 inches tall being released by Mattel.

Stay tuned for next week because even more products from The Mandalorian will be announced.

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