Kid Cudi Thanks His Fans For Supporting the 'James White' Film

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On the eve of the James White film making its way to theaters, Kid Cudi took some time to thank his fans for all of their continuous support.

Cudi and his fans have a pretty close relationship via Twitter. He is often praising those who support his work and urging those who don't like his new direction and growth as an artist to kindly stop supporting him.

For the most part however, Cudi remains humbled by the fans he meets and their support, that humility is shown through his latest series of tweets thanking them for their continuous support for the James White film.

"To all of the James White Kickstarter supporters/fans I met at the LA and NY screenings, I F**KING LOVE U!!! It was awesome meetin u all!!" said Cudi in a tweet earlier today.

He then went on to tell his fans that they could not have finished the film without fan support and said that he would like to make more projects together in the future.

Cudi plays Nick a close friend of James White (Christopher Abbott), the main character who is on a self-destructive path during challenging times. For more on James White click here.