Early Venom Blu-ray Special Features Revealed

While we have to wait until Venom comes out on Blu-ray, Digital and DVD formats, today we can reveal the early list of special features that will come in the home release of the movie.

It looks like we will see an extended scene of the mid-credits sequence!

As reported by Anton Volkov (via Screen Rant), he has posted a list of the special features that are coming to the Venom Blu-ray release. You can read all of the details posted down below.

  • Deleted Scene - Ride to Hospital
  • Deleted Scene - Car Alarm
  • Deleted Scene - Extended San Quentin Post Credit Scene
  • Featurette - The Anti-Hero
  • Featurette - The Lethal Protector in Action
  • Featurette - Venom Vision
  • Featurette - Symbiote Secrets
  • Selected Scenes Pre Vis - Carlton Drake Lab Test
  • Selected Scenes Pre Vis - Escape from the Life Foundation 
  • Selected Scenes Pre Vis - Eddie's Checkup
  • Selected Scenes Pre Vis - Eddie's Apartment Fight
  • Selected Scenes Pre Vis - Bike Chase
  • Selected Scenes Pre Vis - Tower Climb
  • Selected Scenes Pre Vis -  Lobby Fight
  • Selected Scenes Pre Vis - Dog Venom
  • Featurette - From Symbiote to Screen
  • Music Video - Venom by Eminem 
  • Music Video - Sunflower by Post Malone, Swae Lee
  • Featurette - Designing Venom

Despite critics not liking the movie, Venom is still a Box Office success earning well over $500 million worldwide. The movie could make over $600 million globally by the time the film is released in China sometime later this week.

The Blu-ray of the movie should be out sometime in early 2019.

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