Watch 'Every Older Brother's Worst Nightmare,' the Adorable, Hilarious Short "Horror" Movie

Comedian Hank Thompson Comedy recently posted a video featuring two kid brothers in a short film titled "Every Older Brother's Worst Nightmare Comes True," and its both hilarious and adorable.

The premise surrounds two brothers playing a game of soccer, when something goes weirdly, weirdly wrong. Watch it for yourself; it's well-made, funny, and even a little frightening.

The video stars real life brothers, Bode and Harlan Thompson, and made by their uncle, Hank Thompson, who wanted to test the camera of his new iPhone.

"The boys got an up close look not at just how much fun (and repetitious) movie-making can be, but how weird uncles can be," wrote Hank Thompson in the YouTube video's description.

The video was created on the iPhone 6, and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

The video can be found on Thompson's YouTube channel, Infinite Clicks: Where Everything Goes. Watch it here:

This isn't the first film by comedian Hank Thompson, but is the first to catch the eye at Empty Lighthouse.

Other videos on the channel include a series titled "Monologue Jokes," where Hank Thompson and Joe McAdam share terrible jokes from their professional career.

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