Martin Short Criticizes Kim Kardashian As 'Father Of The Bride's' Franck Eggelhoffer

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Martin Short appeared on the "The Talk" Friday to talk about his new memoir, but mostly to make fun of Kim Kardashian as his lovable character from "Father of the Bride," Franck Eggelhoffer.

The ladies asked him what the sassy stylist would have to say about Kim Kardashian.

"He would say, 'She is not bright, I did her dress,'" Short said in Franck's characteristic French accent. "'She thinks "Soy Milk" is spanish for "I am milk."'"

And it was the funniest damn thing anyone has ever heard, because it almost sounds true. Considering Kardashian's latest claim to fame, no one would be surprised if she actually was that stupid.

Yet, amidst all the hype surrounding the socialite, Gawker defended the ridicule against Kardashian, saying it's not worth hating her, because she's just a butt.

"There is nothing to say about the Kardashians, except that they are good businesspeople with an entertaining family dynamic and nice butts," the wrote. Touche.

Short's new memoir is available now, and filled with tons of funny bits and stories from Short's legendary comedy career. New York Daily news reported: "Short doesn't include a single nasty story about anyone in his memoir -- not even a hint of impropriety or bratty behavior.

'I really don't like books where you rip people to shreds,' he explains.

'First of all, because it's just not fair.

I might have left out a few stories that may have made people look bad, but I have not had an experience of working with horrible people and I think part of it is what I give off.'"

Watch a clip from the movie to get acquainted with Franck:

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