Box Office: Spider-Man: Homecoming And Wonder Woman Do Big Business Worldwide

Superhero films continue to dominate at the Box Office both in North America and around the world. Wonder Woman does not want to slow down and Spider-Man: Homecoming had one of the biggest openings of the entire year.

As reported by Box Office Mojo, Spider-Man: Homecoming grossed an estimated $117 million at the North American Box Office this weekend.

This is the largest debut/intro for a MCU solo movie since Iron Man came out in 2008 which earned $98.6 million. This means a sequel to the film could do even bigger business.

From a worldwide standpoint, the movie earned $140 million from 60% of the marketplace. If you add the two numbers up, the movie had a worldwide opening of $257 million.

It's safe to say Sony did the right thing by teaming up with Marvel. If they went ahead with The Amazing Spider-Man 3, the numbers may not have been that high.

Wonder Woman is also a powerhouse at the Box Office. The film has now grossed nearly $370 million in North America.

If we take into account its worldwide numbers, the movie has received $745 million. The movie has now surpassed Suicide Squad which is a big achievement.

While superhero films are doing well, the same cannot be said about Transformers: The Last Knight. The movie only has a worldwide total of around $495 million.

It's unlikely to gross a lot more with stiff competition now out in cinemas. This is far short of the over $1 billion that Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction received in 2011 and 2014 respectively.

Next week will be interesting because 20th Century Fox's War for the Planet of the Apes is coming out.

Reviews have been great so far, but it has to compete with the second weekend of Homecoming. It might be a close race to number 1!

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