Review: Is Transformers: The Last Knight Really That Bad?

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Transformers: The Last Knight is the latest Transformers film to be directed by Michael Bay and the movie is being hammered by both critics and fans.

That being said though, is this film really as bad as the likes of Revenge of the Fallen and Age of Extinction?

Going into this movie, I had very low expectations. This is because I thought Age of Extinction was the worst film of the entire series. It was far too long and I didn't even get excited over the action scenes.

Well I'm kind of glad to say that The Last Knight is not as bad as everyone says it is.

It still has flaws, but at least it's miles better than The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. The Mummy is still the worst film of 2017.

Let's start off talking about the positive sides of this movie. The action and CGI in this movie were really good.

I have to admit, Michael Bay likes too many close-up shots, although the action wasn't as bad as seen in Age of Extinction. This film may have had the best final battle since the first movie.

Another thing I liked about this film is that I didn't get too bored while watching it.

Aside from the scenes where Anthony Hopkins' character talks a lot about exposition, it wasn't as boring as all of the talking scenes from The Mummy.

The actors of Mark Wahlberg and Laura Haddock made the film watchable for the majority of it.

However, the film has so many flaws that prevent it from being a good movie.

I will talk about minor spoilers here because I think it's necessary to highlight how bad the storytelling is.

It's almost as if the writers of Transformers: The Last Knight don't watch the previous films because there are a lot of continuity and logic errors.

First of all, this film does not explain how Megatron became Megatron again.

In the last film, Megatron was resurrected as Galvatron with a new body. Here in The Last Knight, he's back to being Megatron and the film does not give us an explanation as to why.

One other logical flaw is a bit of a spoiler. Anyway, the Government still thinks that the Transformers are dangerous so they hunt down the Autobots and want to arrest Mark Wahlberg's character too.

However, the Government enlists the help of Megatron and his Decepticons to help find the remaining Autobots and Mark Wahlberg.

This made no sense at all! They team up with the bad guys to hunt the so called "dangerous" Autobots and Mark Wahlberg!

One major continuity error is with Bumblebee's voice. Bumblebee clearly spoke in his own voice at the end of the 2007 Transformers.

In The Last Knight, it's said the last time he spoke was millions of years ago when Cybertron fell. Again, this is evidence that the writers don't watch the older films to keep continuity.

The last thing that annoyed me is the lack of screen time that both Optimus Prime and Megatron get. Even though I didn't mind the performances of Mark Wahlberg and Laura Haddock, they spent too much time with these characters in my opinion.

There should have been more scenes involving Optimus Prime and Megatron. Even during battle scenes, these two are absent until the "time" is right for them to appear.

Overall, Transformers: The Last Knight is not as bad as The Mummy and I thought it was better than Transformers: Age of Extintion. I didn't get too bored watching the movie and I liked the action scenes.

It's just the story telling issues that annoyed me the most. Hardcore Transformers fans might be offended because they screw up the lore and history too...

Verdict: 2.5/5 stars

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