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Rumor: Disney Might Be Interested In Ubisoft Or Activision To Make Star Wars Games Outside Of EA

A few years ago when Disney bought out Lucasfilm, the company made an agreement that EA would be the only game developer and publisher to make Star Wars video games for the next decade or so. Well a new rumor suggests Disney has found a loophole with the original arrangement and can now explore other game companies to make Star Wars video games.

Why SEO Experts Suck

Have you ever been to the hairdresser? If you have, then you know that the firs thing the hairdresser always asks is "Who cut your hair the last time?" Hopefully, the answer isn't "You!." But kidding aside, the importance of consulting an "expert" is that they often have to point out the inferiority of the baseline status. This, way, the bar is being set lower and the service that has to be provided doesn't have to measure up as much as you'd need it to.