Supergirl Season 3 Episode 12 Review/Recap: 'For Good'

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For the past few episodes of Supergirl Season 3, Reign has been reigning terror on Supergirl and many of the people living in National City.

Well the episode 'For Good' takes a step backwards as Samantha is back to her normal human self, although she's paranoid about her recent 'blackouts'.

This episode instead focuses on the evil businessman Morgan Edge. As you may know already, Morgan Edge tried to kill Lena Luthor in a previous episode, although this week someone has tried to kill Edge himself.

Edge's car has been hijacked and he couldn't hit the brakes. The car then went flying off the barricade and exploded into the sea.

Edge obviously thinks Lena Luthor is responsible, although she says she's innocent. The episode makes us feel like Lena Luthor is hiding something, although she's still a good character for now.

Due to Morgan Edge nearly dying, Lena Luthor is again targeted by an assassination attempt. This time, someone has put cyanide into her coffee and she collapses.

Thankfully, Kara/Supergirl is able to fly her really fast to the DEO. Supergirl then uses her icy breath to stop the circulation of cyanide from spreading. Thankfully, Lena eventually recovers from the cyanide getting into her body.

As this is happening, Jimmy Olsen chases the person that poisoned her coffee but he does not get any answers.

This is because the hitman is killed off with a disappearing bullet of some kind so no traces of evidence have been left behind.

After this, one of my favorite scenes of the entire episode happens. Jimmy Olsen turns into the Guardian and tries his best Batman impersonation.

The Guardian confronts Morgan Edge and threatens to throw him off a tall carpark as he knows he was responsible for Lena Luthor's latest assassination attempt.

Edge always denies his involvement, but Guardian says he'll be back and then throws Edge onto the windshield of his own car.

At this point of the episode, I really thought Lena Luthor was responsible for trying to kill Morgan Edge and hacked his car.

Well my assumption turned out to be wrong because Lena Luthor finds a lead to the person that has technology to make disappearing bullets.

She goes to a company called ThunderCorp and this is run by none other than her own mother Lillian Luthor.

Lillian was the one that hacked Edge's car and she wants Lena to turn to the dark side so to speak.

Lena is still noble and does not want to kill Edge. All she wants to do is see him behind bars as killing him would make her a huge suspect.

Anyway, we get to witness Lena confess to Kara that she did try to kill Edge (in an older episode) once before by holding a gun at him.

Kara is shocked, but knows it was a tough decision and that the good news is that she didn't go through with it.

Unluckily for Lena Luthor though, her mother is wanting to kill Edge tonight using a drone. Kara and Lena have to save Edge despite both of them hating him.

It makes perfect sense to see Lena trying to save Edge because the police would try and arrest her if Edge was murdered. She would be the prime suspect since nobody else hates him as much as the Luthor family.

Lena and Kara manage to gate crash an event Edge is holding and they manage to save Edge. Lena actually manages to also record him to confess that he was responsible for her assassination attempts.

The trouble is not over though because Lillian comes with her drone and wants to kill Morgan Edge herself. She then uses the drone like a suit much like Iron Man and she looks pretty badass inside of it.

Supergirl has to stop Lena's mother and Mon El thankfully also helps out. The trio battle in the skies in an entertaining scene and both Supergirl and Mon El manage to neutralize Lillian.

As for Morgan Edge, he literally runs into the Guardian and he has nowhere to run anymore. Morgan Edge is finally arrested by the cops while Lena's mother Lillian is taken to hospital and presumably will be arrested later offscreen.

The only side story this week is Samantha talking to Alex about her condition. She still does not know why she has blackouts and her test results show she is in perfect health.

Samantha decides to talk to both Lena Luthor and Kara about her condition as well, although at this point of the season nobody knows she is Reign. Not even Samantha herself knows she turns into Reign too!

The episode ends with the DEO managing to find another of the 'World Killers' that Reign has been warning about. Next week could be very exciting since Supergirl will have to battle one of these superhuman beings.

Anyway, I thought this week's episode of Supergirl was really good as the assassination storyline was unpredictable and exciting to watch. The only slow parts this week were the scenes involving Samantha but they didn't overstay their welcome.

Join us next week as we will review and recap another episode of Supergirl. Not to mention later this week we will do the same for The Flash as well.

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