Will 'IT' Live Up To Stephen King's Terrifying Tale?

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At the turn of a new decade in 1990 one of the most terrifying Stepehn King novels was brought to life through a horror mini-series.

IT gave everyone nightmares and lets face it, clowns may have struggled to get hired for birthday parties after IT was released. Now some 27 years later, a new rendition of the horror story is back as IT hits theaters in 2017.

The film features a fresh cast and more importantly Bill Skarsgard taking the form of Pennywise. Fans might recognize Skarsgard from the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove.

If you've seen Hemlock Grove, you know Skarsgard can tap into a pretty dark side. Pennywise looks even more terrifying than ever and the trailer, which is quite similar to the original film is dark and down right scary.

The film also stars Finn Wolfhard, star of Netflix's Stranger Things. While his role may not be as major as it is in Stranger Things, expect him to make a pretty decent impact.

The trailer seems to have just the right amount of teaser for fans of the old film and those who haven't seen it yet.

As one of the most renown Stephen King pieces, this film will be one of the most highly anticipated horror release in 2017. We sure hope it lives up to the original and maybe even exceed it.

IT is set to hit theaters on September 8. You can check out the first full trailer for the film below.

IT 2017 Trailer