Avengers: Infinity War To Focus More On The Main 'Important Characters'

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Avengers: Infinity War is set to have one of the biggest casts in movie history.

With so many characters, it might be hard to focus on all of them at the same time. Well it appears the movie will focus heavily on the main Avengers with the other characters supporting them.

Screenrant had a chance to interview Joe Russo recently who is one of the directors on Avengers: Infinity War.

He says the film will focus on the main characters who serve more of an important role to the story. You can read more on his comments posted down below.

You know, the story really centers who you would expect it to center around, so our more important characters. This is a culmination film ten years in the making and we are pulling the main story threads from all of the different franchises into one unifying narrative. So any of the important characters are going to be in this film and they are going to have something important to do in the movie

This might be a clue that the film will focus more on the original Avengers such as Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. The Guardians of the Galaxy members should also play an important part too since they already know how villainous Thanos can be.

People in the movie such as Spider-Man, Ant-Man and more will be getting supporting roles. We do know that Spider-man gets his Iron Spider suit in the movie.

Hopefully the movie is able to handle such as large cast. The Russo brothers did a good job of juggling everyone in Captain America: Civil War, but this movie has an evern bigger cast.

Hopefully we get to see a proper trailer online very soon. The movie itself is out in May 2018.

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