Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Review/Recap: Recruiting Frieza And Kale Transforms

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Dragon Ball Super episode 93 is an interesting one as it focuses on two storylines.

One storyline involves Goku trying to recruit Frieza to the Universe 7 team while the other focuses on Universe 6's Kale and how she becomes a Super Saiyan for the very first time.

At the conclusion of episode 92 of Dragon Ball Super, we learn that Universe 7 is down a member. Zen-Oh won't accept any teams that are less than 10 members.

Sadly at this point, Buu is sleeping and will miss the tournament entirely. Goku comes up with the idea to resurrect Frieza for 24 hours.

Everyone including Vegeta thinks Goku is crazy. Frieza is a murderer and cannot be trusted. Goku asks Whis how powerful the other universes might be.

Whis says there is a mortal that is stronger than his God of Destruction. Surprisingly, Krillin says they have no choice. Goku then says if Frieza does anything bad, he or Vegeta can easily defeat him.

As Goku goes to the other world, King Yemma thinks he is mad. However, Goku tells him about the high stakes of Universe 7 possibly getting erased.

King Yemma gives him permission to see Frieza in Hell. Frieza is still stuck in a cocoon suspended high up in a tree.

As Goku cuts him down, Frieza is wondering why he is being set free. Goku tells him about the Tournament of Power, although Frieza is not going to join so easily.

He tempts Goku to resurrect him beyond 24 hours so that they can fight again. Frieza knows that Goku never wants to turn down the possibility to fight him again to test out how powerful he has become.

Goku kind of reluctantly agrees to resurrect Frieza once the Tournament of Power is over. Goku does say this is only possible if they win the tournament itself.

Goku also tells him that killing is not allowed. Frieza agrees to the terms and will join Universe 7. Fortuneteller Baba doesn't want to resurrect Frieza for 24 hours but she has to.

In my opinion, adding Frieza into the mix adds a lot more drama and tension to the upcoming tournament.

There's a bit of mystery behind what Goku might do after the tournament is over. It will be interesting to see if Goku ends up using the Dragon Balls to resurrect him longer than the alloted 24 hours.

The other part of the storyline involved the three Saiyans living in Universe 6. Caulifa and Cabba are trying to teach Kale how to become a Super Saiyan.

Kale uses the same technique they did of channeling energy in the spine. However, Kale is unsuccessful in transforming that way.

Caulifa decides to make Kale transform the other way through anger. Cabba hesitantly insults Kale by calling her names such as a pathetic Saiyan and more.

Kale starts to cry due to the insults and Caulifa moans at Cabba. Cabba feels sorry for what he did, but it looks like he did the right thing.

As Cabba and Caulifa are arguing, Kale is transforming.

It feels as if a lot of other people have called her a "pathetic Saiyan" in the past and she has bottled up her frustration over the years.

Due to all the years of frustration, Kale transforms into a Super Saiyan, although she is much more powerful than a normal Super Saiyan.

Kale transforms into the same Super Saiyan form that Broly uses. She increases her body mass and has huge muscles.

Not to mention she has white pupils. Even though she is powerful, the downside to her transformation is that she goes crazy. She tries to kill Cabba!

Cabba tries his best to stop Kale, but to no avail. Kale is much more powerful than he is. Caulifa is proud that Kale has become strong, although she knows she needs to get Kale back to normal.

Caulifa seems to turn into a Super Saiyan 2 and manages to convince Kale to calm down. Kale goes back to normal and passes out. Cabba then mentions they have a new member on their team.

Kale transforming into the Broly-like form was awesome to see. She could potentially be the strongest fighter in the entire tournament. It's great that Dragon Ball Super has introduced more Universes because we now get to see more Saiyans.

The episode actually ends with the Universe 4 characters planning something for Universe 7. Universe 4 sent a spy to look at their members. Universe 4 knows that Frieza is getting resurrected so they have a plan up their sleeves!

Overall, episode 93 was very good as it further increases the high stakes in the Tournament of Power.

This tournament sounds like it will be very unpredictable since it's hard to pinpoint who will win it all. Not to mention the addition of Frieza could mean trouble for the other members of Universe 7!

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