The Teen Mom OG Finale Secrets: What Happened After The Cameras Turned Off

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This Monday is the season finale of MTV's Teen Mom OG, and there's some crazy stuff that will be going down.

But what really happened during the season finale, and what happened after the cameras turned off? We'll take a look...

Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood was the big shocker this season, as things exploded between her and Matt Baier.

In the teasers for the final episode, we see Amber blowing up at Matt after the lie detector test he takes to determine if he's cheating.

While some have reported that the detector showed that Matt was cheating, and appears that Amber was satisfied with the results of the test, and she wants to move forward with the relationship.

That being said, clearly things don't go that well, as Matt and Amber get into a physical altercation in the episode.

It turns out that after the episode recorded, things have gone slightly better, although they are not perfect. the wedding is still off for the time being, but Amber suggested that it may be back on in the future.

Amber has also said that the lie detector test proves that the naysayers were wrong about Matt. We'll have to see what happens next season...

Teen Mom OG: Farrah Abraham

Farrah and her mom continued to fight during the last episode of the season. They mostly fight over Debra's new fiance Dr. David, but they also managed to throw in some jabs about other things.

In the last episode of the season, Farrah and her mom raise the stakes, as things deteriorate significantly in their relationship. Farrah gets into a giant fight with Dr. David, and her mom breaks down in tears about everything.

It appears that the wedding is still on - even after the on-screen meltdown - although it's not clear whether Farrah will attend or be a bridesmaid.

Teen Mom OG: Maci McKinney

Maci McKinney has spent the season fretting over baby daddy Ryan Edwards' addiction problem. Recently, it was revealed that Ryan did enter rehab, and interestingly enough, he and his girlfriend appear to have gotten married right before the rehab started.

It's not clear whether Ryan is out of rehab yet. According to The Inquisitr, Maci is considering leaving the show after this season.

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