Supergirl Season 3 Episode 13 Review/Recap: 'Both Sides Now'

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The 'Worldkillers' are the new threats that are in Supergirl, although their full team have not yet fully assembled. This week's episode of Supergirl focuses on a new team member that Reign might team up with in the future.

Before that happens, the DEO has confirmed the location of the second 'Worldkiller'. It's an African American woman by the name of Julia Freeman who is pretty much just resting inside of her on home listening to music.

The presence of Supergirl and the DEO pointing guns at her makes Julia Freeman very frightened. Supergirl tries her best to calm her down, but Alex ruins everything by being very aggressive with her tone.

Thanks to Alex, Julia Freeman gets angry and starts to use her powers. She can scream really loud and has powers similar to Sindel from the Mortal Kombat video games.

Thankfully, Supergirl is able to create a strong ice wall to protect herself and the DEO while J'onn goes in to handcuff her.

It appears Julia Freeman is similar to Samantha because they both have the Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde effect.

Julia pretty much turns into her alter ego called 'Purity' while she is locked up at the DEO and she does not want to talk about the whereabouts of Reign.

Supergirl and Alex do a "good cop" and "bad cop" routine with Purity in order to find more answers about Reign.

Supergirl saw how frightened Julia was and does a more compassionate approach of interrogation. While this is a noble act, it fails to convince Purity to say much because the evil side is too strong.

Alex is the opposite of this showing no sympathy towards Julia/Purity at all. I felt Alex was kind of out of character in this episode as she has always been a kinder character in previous episodes.

Elsewhere in the episode, Winn, J'onn and Mon El are trying to fix the Legion Ship that Mon El came in. There is an energy crystal that powers up the ship and Winn is trying to figure things out.

Before Winn can do that, Purity breaks out of prison with her screechy screams and steals the energy crystal. Purity's goal is to reunite with Reign and the other Worldkillers for world domination.

At around the same time, Samantha bails from her daughter Ruby while ice skating because she becomes Reign.

Reign has taken over and it's her job to get Purity back to the Fortress of Sanctuary.

Before that happens, Supergirl and the DEO manage to find Purity in the subway train.

What follows is the episode's cool action scene as Purity manages to do a backbreaker on Supergirl and fend off everyone.

Even though Supergirl and the DEO came prepared, the fight breaks out where the citizens are in danger. Alex finally uses compassion instead of anger to get inside Julia's head.

Thanks to Alex, during the fight Purity calms down to become nice old Julia again. While things might seem rosy, Reign comes in to spoil the good ending.

To prevent Alex from getting killed, Julia gives herself up and Reign takes her away to the Fortress of Sanctuary. Presumably, Reign and her boss have bigger plans for Purity in the near future.

There was not a big side story this week, although we get more character building for Mon El. Mon El admits to his wife Irma that he still has feelings towards Kara/Supergirl and things are getting difficult for him.

Irma appreciates his honesty, although she is about to tell him a secret of her own. The audience sadly does not hear what she says, but there's another mysterious reason why the Legion are on Earth in the present day...

Alex and Kara have their own talk at the end of the episode as they discuss about their own relationship problems.

That said, I think it's more refreshing for the show to not dwell too much on romantic storylines as I thought Season 2 delved too much into relationship problems.

The last scene of this week's episode is Samantha meeting up with Lena Luthor admitting that her blackouts are getting out of control. Lena Luthor then witnesses a random outburst from Samantha and Reign was kind of leaking out.

Lena Luthor consoles a sad Samantha and promises she will do anything to make her feel better. It's unknown if Lena Luthor knows that she's Reign, but Lena will have to keep her distance in order to feel safe.

Sadly, we won't know answers until Supergirl returns to The CW on April 16th, 2018. This is because the rest of Season 3 of DC's Legends of Tomorrow is occupying the Monday evening time slot from next week onwards.

Anyway, the first half of Season 3 was kind of boring because of a slow build up. Thankfully, the more recent episodes have been more decent once Reign actually came into the picture.

Let's hope the rest of Season 3 can end with a bang as Supergirl is still one of my favorite TV shows on at the moment. I'm liking Season 3 of Supergirl more than Season 4 of The Flash right now...

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