'Sister Wives' TLC Season 8 Episode 1 Recap: Demons Inside Kody's Head About His Daughter?!

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On tonight's episode of TLC's Sister Wives, we found out what Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn have been up to and how the family is going to navigate forward from last season's controversies.

Maddie is in the throes of planning her wedding to Caleb.

The sister wives discuss that the may be the first monogamous wedding the family has seen in a long time -- unless, of course, you count Meri's wedding to Kody.

Christine has her hands full with Mykelti's news that she wants to marry her boyfriend Tony. Christine is really worried about the fact that Mykelti wants to plan a wedding, given that she's met Tony only a couple of times.

Christine decides to call Kody so that he won't be blindsided like she was.

The sister wives discuss how Kody gets either called or texted at least once a day with the alarm statement, 'I have something I need to talk to you about."

Christine tells Kody, who is confused as to how Mykelti could have gotten the idea to get married. Mykelti has been moving around quite a bit rather than finishing college as Kody would have hoped.

Tony comes over to have dinner with Christine and Kody so that he can ask Kody for Mykelti's hand in marriage.

Kody is very concerned about Myklelti and Tony rushing into marriage. Tony is a devout Mormon, but Kody doesn't approve of their rushing into a marriage after only 3 months.

Kody asks Tony if he's bothered by the fact that Mykelti can't get married in the temple. Tony is fine with this. Kody also wants Tony not to encourage his children to shy away from plural marriage.

Tony agrees to this request as well. Kody's next request is one that Tony is reluctant to agree to: Kody wants Tony to wait to get married (but Tony knows that Mykelti wants to rush in).

Finally, Kody wants Tony and Mykleti to wait on being sexual with each other.

His logic is that without a sexual relationship to confuse things, Tony and Mykelti have a chance to "negotiate" their relationship on clean ground and then have a nice "honeymoon experience." Tony does agree to this.

Christine and Kody then sit down with Mykelti and Tony and express their concerns about their planning a wedding in August.

Kody wants the wedding to happen in December. Christine expresses her continuing skepticism about the relationship and is shocked that Kody gave his consent.

Kody and Christine have Mykelti's employers over to talk about how Mykleti has been doing.

The Bloxons are Mykelti's surrogate parents of sorts, and they are just as shocked that Mykelti and Tony are rushing into marriage. Christine realizes that she's projecting a lot of herself onto Mykelti and needs to stop doing this.

Christine and Kody decide to have the wives over to tell them about the wedding. It's clear to everyone that the energy in the room is not positive and very different from Maddie's announcement.

Janelle is most concerned about the fact that Mykelti plans to get married in August and is worried that the family won't be able to plan two weddings two months apart.

The pervasive belief among the wives is that Mykelti is being impulsive and perhaps even trying to imitate Maddie a little too much.

Kody and the wives then meet with Maddie and Caleb to check out a caterer. Everyone enjoys sampling the menu. Maddie shares all of the nightmares that she's been having before the wedding.

When they go to pick out flowers, Maddie enjoys shocking the florist by telling her that she has four moms.

Maddie also asks about having a bouquet toss, and the topic of the garter toss comes up. Kody has a strong reaction, saying about the thought of Maddie having a garter on: "demons out."

Everyone then heads to a bakery to taste cakes. Kody has to have his "hick" stamp on the wedding and requests an elk cake with huckleberry frosting.

At the end of the episode, we get to the interesting stuff: Meri and Kody have a chance to sit down and talk about Mariah, Meri, and Kody's relationship.

Mariah is really upset with Meri about the catfishing incident.

Meri notes that she and Kody have been having troubles in their relationship for years. Kody notes that he's always been confused about what the conflict between him and Meri has been.

Meri feels that she's at the same point in the relationship with Kody that she is with Mariah -- she wants to fix things but Kody and Mariah just want to remain in denial.

Kody notes that he and Meri need to see Nancy, their family therapist, without the other wives being around.

Kody also wonders if Mariah is upset with Meri because Meri asked Kody to spend less time around her in her home.

Meri and Kody face off about the fact that Kody doesn't really understand why there's distance between them. Meri talks about how she began to push Kody away; this worsened when the catfish began planting thoughts inside of her head.

Meri is honest about the fact that Kody has often been overwhelmed by Meri's needs with all of his other wives and kids.

That's all for the first episode of the season. We'll find out where Meri's relationship with Kody goes in the next few episodes.

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