Marriage Bootcamp Season 11. Episode 2 Recap: JJ Just Told His Girlfriend She's Fat

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On this episode of Marriage Bootcamp, these dysfunctional couples continued to fight it out on camera. Read on to find out exactly what happened.

The drama starts when Dr. Ish and Dr.

V have everyone write letters addressing any resentment into their relationship.

The letter is meant to help each person be as honest as possible but then they're supposed to throw out the letter.

Later, the therapists bring in Judge Lynn Tole, who has arbitrated a number of divorces and tells all of the couples what she really thinks.

Kail and Javi

Javi feels that he and Kail owe it to their kids to try to save their marriage while Kail doesn't feel that there's anything left of their relationship. When Kail has to face Javi in the exercise that requires Javi to pretend he's dead, she refuses to even face him, saying "I can't do this." Dr.

V then takes a tearful Kail by the hand and leads her to Javi.

Kail says that she wants Javi to know she'll take care of their son but her letter is spiteful noting that she'd never want her kids to grow up to be like Javi since he can't control his feelings.

Juelia and JJ

JJ just isn't letting Julia in and establishing a true sense of intimacy.

In his letter writing exercise, JJ has trouble wanting to write an honest letter. Later, when he does, he expresses quite a bit of anxiety about what he'd written, which everyone picks up on.

Later, JJ says that he did know that Julia's husband had killed himself. Still, he doesn't feel prepared for the exercise in which Julia appears to be dead. JJ looks terror-stricken when Dr.

V pulls out the letter he wrote and asks him to read it. Although JJ is scared to read the letter, Dr.

V tells him that's the very reason he needs to read it. In the end, Juelia's letter is read rather than JJ's.

Everyone suspects that JJ was breaking up with Juelia in his letter.

JJ does wind up having to read his letter to Juelia and sits down with the therapists to talk to them.

JJ feels he never got closure with his ex-wife and is told by Dr. Ish that even if she won't give him closure he needs to get it on his own.

By the end of the episode, however, we see Juelia reading the letter out lout and finding out that JJ told her she was likely to get fat and hates it when she has "shit in her eyebrows."

DeAndre and Mehgan

Mehgan feels that she is really hard on DeAndre and when she reads her letter, it turns out she's even more critical of him.

But Mehgan really kicks up the drama when she starts complaining that JJ didn't have to read his letter. Mehgan guesses that Juelia will aceppt anything because she needs to fill a void left by the death of her ex-husband.

Peter and Amina

In the death exercise, Peter talks about how he hates that Amina hates Tara.

Asifa and Bobby

The judge tells Bobby that Asifa is looking for some faith and so he needs to stop running from her.

That's it for this episode. Check back with us for our recap next week!