'Power Rangers' It's Morphin Time Movie Trailer is Revealed

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Lionsgate releases one of the best looks at the 2017 Power Rangers movie yet and it builds all kinds of hype for the film set to release in a couple of months.

The trailer is titled, "It's Morphin Time" and does feature the signature phrase.

We now get the best look at Brian Cranston's Zordon, a sneak peek at the fighting styles, an extended look at the ranger suits and what many have been waiting for, the almighty zords.

We get a deeper look at all of the characters including one important member we failed to list above, Alpha. It's certainly not the Alpha we are used to, however, all of the characters have been overhauled.

The overall apocalyptic feel of the trailer is quite epic and builds upon one of the greatest childhood memories for '90s babies and Power Rangers fans.

There are some purists who may be a little skeptical about the film but it's looking like it will be quite a hit upon its release.

You can check out the complete trailer below for the Power Rangers movie and let us know if you're looking forward to the film, which is set to release on March 24.

'Power Rangers' It's Morphin Time Movie Trailer is Revealed

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