Bill Murray talks 'St. Vincent' on Howard Stern Show

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Bill Murray's latest sighting? On The Howard Stern Show. Wednesday morning, Bill Murray appeared in Stern's studio, admitting he was coerced there.

He's done a movie, and now he has to promote it. "That's pretty much all I do," he said.

In Murray's new movie "St.

Vincent", he plays the film's title character, Vincent, and is the first lead role Murray has taken in nine years.

In a review from TIME magazine, Richard Corliss eloquently writes: "He inhabits the part like an ingenious squatter in an abandoned tenement: picking through the detritus of plot and finding nourishment for Vincent's pain and wayward grace." Seems like a classic Murray performance is on the way.

"I think I may have made a chick film," Murray said. "It's funny, there's romance, drama, and there's no violence."

So far there's a lot of hype around the film with talk about it being Murray's greatest role, and the possibility of award nominations, but Murray remains humble.

"We're one of the first movies to come out in October," he said as explanation for the Oscar buzz. It's truly too early to tell.

"If you take your job seriously, you really want people to see your movie," Murray said.

"Winning an Oscar, or even being nominated for an Oscar, means more people will go see your movie." The award itself is not as important. Murray keeps his up on a shelf, and devotes nothing too fancy for his winnings.

"St. Vincent" is in theaters Friday, October 10.