'Demon' Finn Balor Is No Longer Undefeated In WWE

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It's kind of a sad result today for Finn Balor fans since his 'Demon' persona is no longer undefeated in the WWE. This was inevitable since he had to go up against the white hot Universal Title reign of Roman Reigns.

'Demon' Finn Balor is when the wrestler paints his face and body to look like the devil.

Ever since he used this gimmick in WWE, he never lost a single match. He even won the Universal Title back at SummerSlam 2016 using the 'Demon' gimmick.

Balor has not used the gimmick for a while since his second stint in NXT. However, he felt he needed to bring the 'Demon' back in order to try and get the Universal Title away from Roman Reigns.

Getting the title away from Roman Reigns is going to be a tough ask because he's in the middle of one of the best Universal Title reigns of all time.

He's been Universal Champion for well over a year now, and it looks like nobody is going to beat him.

'Demon' Finn Balor had bad luck at Extreme Rules since the top rope broke when he went for his Coupe De Grace finisher. Roman Reigns capitalized on the situation and won the match with a devastating spear.

It was also an unfair match since The Usos interfered too. It remains to be seen where Finn Balor goes from here. His biggest gimmick is now defeated.

As for Roman Reigns, his reign continues and he will defend the Universal Title against Brock Lesnar at next month's Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia!

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