Black Panther Pounces Out To A Huge Opening Weekend In North America And Around The World

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Marvel's Black Panther has become one of the highest grossing opening weekends in the MCU. This is very impressive for a solo character movie. 

As reported by Box Office Pro, Marvel's Black Panther movie is estimated to earn over $192 million in its traditional 3 day weekend.

This pits it as the fifth highest Box Office weekend of all time just edging out 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Monday is Presidents' Day in USA so the movie is going to earn mega bucks over the long weekend. Its current four day estimate is projected to make around $218 million. 

With numbers like these, there's a good chance Black Panther could be the second highest grossing MCU movie of all time. The only movie that prevents it from being on top is the original The Avengers movie released in 2012. 

Speaking of The Avengers, Black Panther matched that movie's Cinemascore getting an impressive A+ ranking from movie goers. These are the only two MCU movies to get a perfect grade of A+. 

Word of mouth is sure to spread since the film has a current Rotten Tomatoes rating of 97 percent.

Its rating makes it the best reviewed superhero/comic book movie of all time edging out Iron Man and even The Dark Knight.

The film seems to have attracted people from many different demographics. The audience was slightly split between 55 percent of males compared to 45 percent of females. 

61 percent of audience members in USA were over the age of 25. From a worldwide standpoint, the film has already earned around $361 million in its first three days in cinemas. 

Speaking of Box Office milestones, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is Sony's second highest grossing movie of all time earning over $900 million. James Bond film Skyfall will remain on top with its $1.1 billion worldwide gross. 

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