Exclusive! What's Coming Up for '90 Day Fiance': Happily Ever After

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Uh oh. Anfisa and Jorge and all of the drama surrounding their relationship are back for the cameras of TLC. How do we know that? It turns out Starcasm captured a major conflict that broke out between Anfisa and Jorge just last night.

So according to the story, Anfisa started out on her rampage by posting photos of Jorge texting with Stevie Ryan, in what appears to have been a moment of infiidelity for him.

Given that Stevie Ryan has since passed, we're not sure why Anfisa decided to hit below the belt and bring up this particular memory, but that's Anfisa for you.

The texts between Stevie and Jorge reveal that the two set up a date together. According to reports, Stevie had at one point, ordered weed from Jorge and decided to tell the world the truth about Anfisa after Jorge failed to deliver.

So, it's not clear if Anfisa misinterpreted the relationship between Stevie and Jorge, the way that she has in the past, ina jealous fit.

Given that Stevie was also the person to inform about Anfisa's past history working as a cam-girl, we suspect Anfisa has a longstanding anger about the issue.

According to Starcasm, Anfisa also posted the following message on Instagram, but appears to have deleted it since:

Alright, enough with bad vibes. The point was to show you that not everything you see on TV is true. I usually prefer to keep my feelings and personal life private, but some of you take it too far in my comments so there goes your proof that a person that seems innocent may actually be a liar and a cheater. Don’t judge my path if you haven’t walked my journey. Thank you for you supportive messages last night 

The new season of "90 Day Fiance:Happily Every After" has been noted to be filming at this time, so it's also not clear if the entire interaction between Anfisa and Jorge took place in the context of filming or whether they REALLY have been fighting over issues with infidelity.

We think it's a little suspicious that this story is coming out at this time, rather than last summer, which is when we would have expected it to come out.


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However, interestingly, Jorge was filmed at a restaurant, looking like he was in a scene for 90 Day Fiance, but it appears Anfisa was not with him. Now, it's certainly possible that this was one of those scenes in which Jorge goes out with a friend and talks about all of his problems with Anfisa.

So it makes sense that Anfisa wouldn't be there. Or, is it possible that Anfisa wasn't there because she and Jorge haven't necessarily been together this whole time.

Of course, Anfisa and Jorge also posted the following video to YouTube just a couple of months ago, correcting public misperceptions about Anfisa leaving the country. In fact, Anfisa points out that she and Jorge have their fights like any other couple but they're working through it like any other couple.

Righhhhhht. Anfisa and Jorge are just like any other couple...

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