The Mandalorian Episode 5 Review (Spoilers)

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The previous four episodes of The Mandalorian have all been great.

Most of them featured a lot of action and delved deeper into the Star Wars lore. Episode 5 kind of takes a backseat offering in what I feel is the series' first filler episode.

Episode 5 of The Mandalorian wasn't terrible, but it did not really accomplish much in terms of advancing the main story. This episode felt more like a sidequest that you may have to do in a video game.

That said, the episode started off in explosive fashion because we witnessed the series' first space battle.

The Mandalorian is flying this Razor's Crest spaceship as he tries to avoid the laser fire of a bounty hunter.

The CGI is great and the first few minutes of this episode was by far the best of the entire episode.

Some fans will love the callbacks to the original movie since The Mandalorian lands on the planet of Tatooine after his space battle. His spaceship is in need of repairs again.

We meet a funny new character named Peli Motto and she has a strong connection with Baby Yoda. She's trying her best to fix The Mandalorian's spaceship because he doesn't want any droids touching his property.

Peli Motto only had a small part in this episode, but I thought she was really funny in the scenes that she was in. Hopefully Peli is able to come back in the future episode as I enjoyed her presence.

In order to pay Peli for the repairs, The Mandalorian agrees to do one job with a rookie bounty hunter of the named Toro Calican.

Toro's first assignment is to capture an experienced assassin by the name of Fennec Shand. Toro will need The Mandalorian's help in order to capture her!

There sadly wasn't much action in this week's episode because Toro and The Mandalorian are able to capture Fennec Shand quite easily.

Fennec was using a sniper rifle, but the two bounty hunters outsmarted her by using flash-bangs to distract her eyesight. The Mandalorian was also saved by his new Beskar armor.

After that, the episode kind of falls flat from this point onward. While The Mandalorian is gone to get more supplies, Fennec is captured but she persuades Toro to capture and kill The Mandalorian and his Baby Yoda instead.

Toro wants the rewards to himself so he kills Fennec and double crosses The Mandalorian. Toro even has Peli hostage, but The Mandalorian outsmarts him by using another flash-bang and he easily shoots and kills Toro to end the episode.

The Mandalorian then steals Toro's money to pay for the fixes Peli made to his ship.

The episode then ends with a mysterious character approaching the dead body of Fennec. Some people think this person could be Boba Fett, but it's likely to be someone else.

Anyway, this was by far the weakest episode of The Mandalorian as the character didn't do much or accomplish anything during his time on Tatooine.

That said, I do like how he was in the same canteen featured in A New Hope and the space battle at the beginning was cool.

I was hoping the Fennec character would have survived longer as she was cool too. There are only 3 more episodes to so in Season One so let's hope the rest of the season gets better.

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