Jimmy Kimmel Interviewees Think Alexander Hamilton Is Still In Government (Watch)

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On last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Kimmel had a "Liewitness News" segment in which he asked questions about how "current" Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton is faring in government.

Of course, Alexander Hamilton died 212 years ago...but that didn't stop the people Kimmel talked to from weighing in.

In the video, Jimmy Kimmel's crew talks to several people about how well Alexander Hamilton is doing as Treasury Secretary. The first person is asked about Alexander Hamilton's "feud" with Mike Pence.

She is adamant that Alexander Hamilton was in the right, and Pence was in the wrong.

She later says that Hamilton's being from the 1700s is not relevant to the discussion, and when the interviewer responds, "instead of staying dead he should speak out," the woman agrees.

Then, a man who appears to be a Donald Trump supporter is told that Trump believes that Alexander Hamilton wasn't born in the U.S. The interviewer tells the man that Trump wants to see Hamilton's birth certificate.

The man wholeheartedly agrees that Hamilton needs to produce his birth certificate. The interviewer asks "[what about] his death certificate?" The man replies, "whatever it takes."

Most amazing: a woman claims to have seen Alexander Hamilton in his "powdered wig" on CNN recently.

When asked to describe the scene, she says "it's just one of those things that's like so childish -- hard to describe really." When the interviewer interjects and says "it's almost like it didn't happen," the woman nods.

Looks like Hamilton doesn't make a good CNN TV pundit like geniuses Jeffrey Lord and Scotty Nell Hughes.

You can watch the clip below:

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