Australian Retailer Reveals Spider-Man: Homecoming Blu-ray Special Features

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Even though Spider-Man: Homecoming is still out in cinemas, the special features for the Blu-ray release have been revealed already. There are some deleted and extended scenes included that were not featured originally in the theatrical cut.

The special features were revealed via JB Hi Fi. The listing is for the Spider-Man: Homecoming (Mask Edition) 4K Blu-ray set.

It has a release date of October 18th, 2017 in Australia. It's likely the release date for the digital version will be earlier than that. You can read the special features listed below.


- The Vulture Takes Flight

- Spidey Stunts

- A Tangled Web

- Searching For Spider-Man

- Aftermath

- Jon Watts: Head of the Class

- Food For Thought

- Brain Power

- Your Changing Body

Deleted & Extended Scenes

- A Film by Peter Parker (Director's Cut)

- Cafeteria

- Return from ATM

- Triskelion Cleanup

- Anxious Toomes

- Go It Alone

- Happy Calls His Mom

- Midtown News Final Segment

- Mr.

Harrington Lessons in Love

- Aaron Still Stuck

-Gag Reel

-Sneak Peek at Marvel's Spider-Man on Playstation

-Spider-Man: Homecoming VR Trailer

As you can see, there are several scenes not included in the theatrical version. It's possible the Blu-ray will also include several of the Captain America vignettes that were unaired. Chris Evans filmed several of them for the movie.

The deleted scenes could include shots that were in the trailer, but not in the movie itself.

Many movies need to be edited down since film studios don't like movies to be too long. Not to mention some scenes can be seen as redundant or unnecessary to the plot too.

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