Outdaughtered Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: What Can Be Done For Hazel?

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Danielle and Adam Busby are parents to quintuplets as well as another older daughter, Blayke, and this season they're back to talking about the experience of parenting 6 daughters.

The quintuplets are now almost toddlers so parenting them is proving to be that much more challenging.

Hazel is the one daughter among the quintuplets who is a few weeks behind developmentally. She also suffers from nystagmus, and the Busbys have an upcoming eye appointment to correct the issue.

Danielle and Adam discuss the much needed upgrade to their new home and how nice it has been to have more space.

Once Adam leaves for his job in sales at a petrochemical company for the day, however, Danielle is alone with the children and has to take care of all 6 children.

Danielle talks about the experience of parenting the quintuplets alone during the day. It takes a lot of feeding and changes of diapers for Danielle to get through her day.

In the next scene, Danielle decides to take all of her children grocery shopping.

She needs to get the quintuplets into the car and then to the grocery store. Danielle calls Crystal and her two children to assist her on the trek.

Danielle talks about the experience of pushing more than 200 lbs of children around in the grocery store. It's a lot of exercise for her.

Inside the grocery store, Danielle needs to shop for a lot of groceries. She talks about the need for as many as 30 diapers a day and multiple gallons of milk.

Next, the Busbys have a birthday party to attend. At the party, Mimi, Danielle's mother confesses to experiencing troubles of her own.

Mimi doesn't have a job for the fall. Danielle notes her mother needs additional support which she will provide her.

To get the quints to eat, Danielle sets up the "Busby diner" and has Blayke serve as a waitress.

Bath time is equally chaotic. Then the quints have their bottle of milk and go to bed.

Hazel has an upcoming eye doctor's appointment and both Danielle and Adam are anxious.

They get to the doctor, and after doing an eye examination, he recommends eye surgery to keep Hazel from having neck problems due to continually turning her head.

Danielle and Adam ponder whether to have the eye surgery for Hazel, and each grows frustrated with the other.

Will they decide to have Hazel undergo surgery?

We'll find out next week.

To see Adam and Danielle talking about Hazel's nystagmus and the decision to get her surgery, click on the clip below:

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